a Cruel Game in Our Life

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One day, a lecturer go in the class and tell his student, today i would like to play a game with you guys, any volunteer?
A lady stand up and walk to the front.
The lecturer ask her to write down 20 person which she felt important to her in her life.
The lady then write down 20 person’s name on the white board. The person included her parents, her family, her kids, her friends, neighbour and so on.
After that, the lecturer ask her to delete one of the person in the namelist that she wrote.
Firstly, she delete a neighbour’s name.
The lecturer then ask her to delete one more.
She delete her college.
The lecturer keep on to ask her to delete one more person.
Finally, the lady delete almost all the person in her namelist, those that now can be found on the board are her parents, husband, and children.
But, the game haven’t finish yet. The lecturer ask her to delete one of the three.
At this time, the lady felt a little trouble, because she don’t know who should be deleted from the list. After a certain of time, she decide to delete her parents’ name.
But, the lecturer still don’t want to stop the game, he want the lady to delete one more person in her life.
The lady felt headache enough. She was thinking which one should her delete, husband or children. This time, she took a longer time to consider on it. Finally, she rubbed off her children’s name.
Once she did it, she knee down and cried sadness.
The lecturer felt curious and ask her. Why you want to choose your husband at the end? Your parents and your children have blood relation with you, but your husband don’t, somemore, you can’t guarentee you won’t divorce one day in the future, why you choose your husband?
The lady said, my parents will get older one day, and they will leave me first, and my children will grow up one day, and they will get married, so the person that can accompany me in my life only my husband.

if you are the lady, what decision will you make?


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