Obtaining a Degree: Online or On-campus, That’s the Question

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Obtaining a degree in a highly competitive market place is nowadays almost a necessity. Although a degree will have a high impact on our career, many people don’t have the chance of pursuing a degree on a campus. Others, have to work, and can not commit time into an on-campus program.

First, I must say that an online degree program is not appropriate for anyone. There are advantages and disadvantages for both kind of programs, of course. And almost any kind of degree can be obtaining online. Starting from a simple certificate going through the associated degree, and even a doctorate degree. One exception if perhaps medicine. There is no online medicine program on the US, although there are many chemistry, biology and related programs as online bachelors.

I have experience in both, online and on-campus programs. All I can say is that both have advantages and disadvantages on their own.

To know if an online degree program is what you need, go through the list of questions below.

1. Do you already have a degree?
If you already have a degree, then do you really need to invest three additional years into an additional degree? Probably you are better served with an online degree that complements your current degree.

2. Did you drop-off from a previous on-campus program?
In this case, you already tested a campus. Possibly you gained some credits that can be transferred into an online program, which is more adequate for you.

3. Are you already working?
Almost no job that I know is compatible with an on-campus degree program, since both activities require full-time commitment. And what if you don’t like your degree? Will you obtain your job back? An online degree is just perfect for working people.

4. Do you care about prestige?
This is perhaps a minus point of online degree programs. Online programs don’t have the high status of some on-campus programs, even if they are good and improving with the years.

5. Do you already know what do you want to study?
If you don’t know what field is the most interesting for you, then you could test the water in an online degree program. Enrollment is easy and uncomplicated.

6. Can you wait for a degree?
Online degree programs are faster than on-campus. If you don’t want to, you don’t have to rest on vacations, you can just go on with other coursework. Since the programs are highly flexible, you can choose your own rhythm.

7. Do you have family?
Having a family and spending time on a campus can be incompatible. Even if you think you won’t need flexibility, you will, since families are not predictable. An online degree gives you that flexibility that will help you keep things straight.

8. Are you highly disciplined?
Online degrees are normally for people who know how to work alone. If you feel demotivated without people around, then an online program will do you no good.

9. Is money an issue?
No one has unlimited money, but will an on-campus programs be a huge blow to your finances? Online degree programs are due to the lover overhead, often cheaper.

10. Are you independent?
Online degrees are for independent personalities. People who want to study what they want, when they want and where they want.


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