Top 10 South Park Episodes

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10. Prehistoric Ice Man(1999)

When Stan,Kyle,kenny and Cartman discovers a man who has been frozen in ice since 1996, The issue of who really found him, and who gets to name him, almost break Stan and Kyles friendship.

9.Woodland critter christmas(2004)

Evil critters, the antichrist and abortions all with a parody of the grinch in the background, makes this the best South park christmas episode without any doubt.

8.Grey dawn(2003)

This epsiode is a parody of the 80s movie red dawn, when senior citizens causes to many accidents in traffic, their licenses are suspended which leads to a revolution in South park.

7.Rainforest schmainforest(1999)

After a presentation in school Cartman,Kyle,Stan and Kenny has to join a choir travelling to south america, to sing songs about saving the rainforest. This episode is a must se and mocks almost all enviromentalists

6.Butters very own episode(2001)

When Butters is asked to spy on his father to find out what his buying for his anniversairy, he finds out a secret about his dads sexual orientation, which causes Butters mother to go insane and make an attempt to kill Butters.  

5.Butt out(2003)

To avoid getting in trouble for smoking Stan,Kyle,Cartman and Kenny tricks their parents into believing they´ve been brainwashed by tobacco companies. But when the parents bring in Bob Reiner thing get out of hand quick. This Episode makes genius mockery of the anti-smoking organisations.

4.Dances with smurfs(2009)

When the morning announcment reader is murdered, Cartman takes over the job, and makes life a living hell for Wendy by making a video of “The smurf holocaust”. 

3.Loosing edge(2005)

The boys win their little league series in baseball and finds out that they´ve qualified for the league above.

Since they all hate baseball they try to throw their next game but thing doesn´t go as planned.

2.Cartoon wars(2006)

A two-parter about fear and terrorism and one of the more controversial episodes. The U.S is in total chaos when Family guy intends to show the muslim prophet Mohammed on Tv, Cartman and Kyle travels to california to try and stop fox from airing the episode, but what Kyle finds out that Cartman has a sinister plan to get rid of Family guy forever.

1.Trapped in the closet(2005)

Stan meets Scientologists on the street who offers him a free personality test, but the test reveals that he´s the reincarnation of the Scientologist prophet L.Ron Hubbard. He gets told the secret doctorine of Scientology and asked to lead all Scientologists.   


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