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VERB: Once, this slang word was used to reserve or order tickets, rooms, materials and other things. However, now it is used if you get caught or get busted. This word is mostly used when you are trying to be sneaky. It is usually said in a loud voice because you’re trying to emphasise how the other person got busted for trying to be sneaky.

Sentences of examples –
1.) He just got booked trying to steal candy from the convince store.
2.) She booked a plane ticket to go to Australia for her whole family to                                                 visit her grandparents.
3.) Jake: Don’t go to the woods area, you might get booked.
 Kate: Who cares, Its not like Ms.Clark is behind us or listening to us.
(Ms.Clark is behind Kate.)
Jake: Kate… look behind you.
(Kate turns around)
Kate: Oh, I’m sorry Ms.Clark. (blushing face)

Synonyms- get caught, ordered, reserved, hired, record, registered, busted, captured, trouble
antonyms- escape, cancel, unreserved

Adj) A slang to use when describing or trying to express how a person is acting preposterous (goofy, silly and ridiculous). This slang compares a human to a monkey by personality according to the situation. This slang word is usually used in funny and silly scenes. Most people would use this if someone is not acting themselves and is being ridiculous. People surrounding them would be annoyed or being senseless with them. This word is used in a normal tone depending if the person who is saying the word is feeling gloopy or serious.

Synonym: silly, joke, goofy, funny, insane, ridiculous, crazy, foolish, childish, full of spirit, brainless, loony and senseless

Antonyms: boring, not fun, serious, lame, uninteresting, normal, and spiritless

1.) Stop acting Gloopy, and be serious.

2.) Jake: Come on, get your act together, We have to finish this project tomorrow. Stop being gloopy!
Kate: Okay, Lets work on it next year and hand it in the year after. (Laughing hard)
Jake: Are you serious? (annoyed face)
Kate: Bro, calm yourself I was just being Gloopy .Ok lets be serious now.

3.)Tom: Whatcha gonna be on Halloween?
Tim: a monkey(excited face)
Tom: Why a monkey?
Tim: So I can be Gloopy.


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