a Reflection on Hells Hotel

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The setting of this novel is very important to the story because it is showing the ways how kids run away from home and live on the street. For example, more and more children come and join the street for various reasons. Jenn is a person who is always there because of her family issues, now Tara is joining Jenn because of her family and stress issues. Usually when kids are on the street there trying to be away from danger and to relax. The street is where all the terrifying things happened. One of the terrifying thing was that Jenn has been being followed by a creep for many days. While explaining this situation in the book the readers were able to learn more about the another character who was John(Tara’s boy friend). John went up to the creep and asked why he was following Jenn, soon they found out he was the people who make sure kids don’t get in trouble. Jenn was living on the street for a couple of weeks which made a lot of people suspicious. A lot of people treat people different on the street depending on the way you act on the street. Everyone’s watching you most of the time. People even like to express their feelings there such as releasing their anger by kicking rocks and cans on the street. Another way they express their feelings is jumping for joy on the street or skipping along happily. Tara likes to show her frustration on the street when she gets mad she walks alone on the street yelling to herself inside. All the action takes place in the setting even the title of the story is called hell’s hotel which is located on the main street. Most kids who decide to live on the streets would go and sleep. For example, every chapter the characters are always ending up at the street. The street is an easy way to find most people such as Jenn’s friends. Usually when Tara walks around  the street, She can always find her when she needs to talk to Jenn is on the street. Therefore, this is why I think the setting of this novel is important.


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