Hells Hotel Part 1

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The character that I dislike the most is Josh (Tara’s boyfriend) because he is stubborn, manipulate person and always wants everything to happen his way.

He is a stubborn  and courageous person because he always wants everything to happen his way. He thinks everything he does is right, and he doesn’t think about how it might affect somehow else. Even when people try to encourage him saying it is not a good idea, he would ignore them and stick to his plan. He can be courage and stubborn at the same time, for example Josh got kicked out of the student paper, because he refused to write about stories that the leader thought was important . He always stands up to what he believes in, even if he knows he has to pay the price. He is also courage because he’s not afraid of anything ,he would walk up to anyone and randomly ask questions and yell at people if he had to. In one situation that happened in this book, Jenn was getting stalked by a 20 year old man, Therefore Josh goes up to the guy and asks why he’s stalking her in front of a lot of people. He’s confident and stubborn about what he does and would never change his mind, whatever he decides to do, he would do it no matter what and would never listen to anyone to change it. Even thought he has the courage enough to stick to his goals, he never listens to anyone.
The part that made me dislike Josh the most was that he was a manipulate person. He used his girlfriend just to get information on her best friend to put in his newspaper article. For example He does not even show humanitarian to his girlfriend when she did a lot of things for him. Tara is the smartest educated girl who gets the highest academic scores. However, just for her boyfriend she sacrificed her good record in school with other teachers, by rejecting to hand the newspaper article that the principal banned from  the school.  Therefore she had been sent to the office, for sticking up with her boyfriend because her boyfriend was the one who wrote that article. She suffered through a lot because of this. However, he easily breaks up with her on the “phone” leaving a message for her. The worst way to break up in a relationship is on the phone because they would get emotionally hurt. After he got all the information about Tara’s best friend(Jenn), he breaks up with Tara. He published all of  Jenn’s personal stories on how she always leaves her home and lives on the street.  Even, when it was published and everyone read it, Tara told him how everyone knows about it and all he says is No big deal, Everything will be fine. He didn’t even show empathy about how Jenn might feel.

This is why I dislike Josh because he doesn’t show empathy towards anyone but himself.


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