People Getting Blamed For Stuff They do Not do

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We as leaders need to understand before we judge because leaders are approbation and shows comprehension between people. Everyone will look up to you, copy and follow your actions. If you make a mistake, judging a person by his or her look, others will copy you. Therefore, you should show rapport, foster to see what really happened. Try not to blame it on others, without knowing the full story. Assuming stuff that happened, without investigation can lead you with wrong evidence. For example, if a person came up to you crying, and said someone hit them. You cannot punish the other person until you figure out what really happened. The other person might of not even pushed them. However, Blaming stuff that other people did not do can affect them emotionally and they might feel offended. It would seem as if the whole world had abandoned them in a corner. Before assuming stuff according to the situation, you must find evidence on your own with what you personally saw. This will cause you to make a wrong statement and hurt innocent peoples feeling.


Most innocent people struggle in jail for crimes they do not do. Being convicted in crimes you did not do happened a lot in the states. A man named Williams was convicted in raping and kidnapping a woman. The mistaken eyewitness identification had given the police the wrong information, which leads to arrest William. He had been in jail for 20 years in a crime he did not commit. However, this causes innocent people’s feeling, of being a prisoner, exasperation and emit for being in jail. It seems as if the whole world has abandoned William in a corner because people were against him and did not listen to him. Fortunately, a project called Innocence project had saved many lives from retrieving their freedom. This project was made of a DNA science tests and would play a role to help match up to see if they actually convicted the crime. This project has saved the rest of Williams life of being free. Therefore, before convicting the crime and say they are suspects and causing them to feel emit, using the Innocence project will save many people.


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