Hells Hotel Passage And Explanation

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Tara is an accountability person because Jenn called her, when she was scared and jenn knew Tara would show up. Jenn told Tara how someone was following her and that she needed someone to help her. Instead of informing this to her parents, Jenn decided to tell Tara knowing she would help. Therefore, Tara quickly gets dressed and catches a bus to see jenn. She is also a honest person because she kept her words by coming to Jenn to help her. Jenn trusts Tara because she knows that Tara won’t tell anyone about how she feels scared and about her family problems. Jenn trusts Tara more than her parents because Tara has a high academic average, which makes her a smart person. Therefore, Jenn knows that whatever Tara says is for her own good. However, Tara is a responsible person because she came right away to help Jenn, but this character also did an irresponsible move by not telling her parents where she was going. The safe way when leaving your house is to let someone know where you’re going. Tara was focused n helping Jenn out of danger; she didn’t realize the mistake she has done. Therefore, in my perspective I think Tara is a good leader who would take any risks for anything. He is also accountability the is also accountability honest and responsible


The passage that I chose that reflects significant leadership moment is when Jenn calls Tara for help because she is in danger. An old man kept watching her for a few days, however today the man decides to follow her. She got terrified; therefore, she called her friend Tara and told her about it, using a pay phone. Instead of calling her parents or an adult, Jenn decided to call Tara because Tara is a reliable, foster, and a trustworthy person. Jenn looks up towards Tara as a leader. Not only is Tara smart, she gives reasonable ideas according to the situation, she’s always there to help you. She showed more compassion towards Jenn then Josh did. However, in this passage she quickly got dressed and ran to help jenn knowing that she was in danger. However, she was lacking off in her responsibility trait because she never told anyone elsewhere she was going which was extremely dangerous. Anything can happen to those two young girls and one boy, no one would know about it.


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