Wrong Choices Led to Death

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TORONTO, Ontario, down the alley. On Sunday, November 2nd at 11:30pm, a boy named Andy got stabbed by a knife and was bleeding on the sidewalk.

This was the sweater that was found beside Andy, he wore it many times when he was in that gang.(Picture taken from Google images.

He was a 16 year old boy, who was part of the Royal gang. Down the alley, he was mumbling for help as people walked by, because of the pain the knife had done to him.

A news reported named Tim Blake interviewed Andy’s girlfriend Laura. She said, “Around 11pm was when he walked out the dance door, and told me that he would be back after buying a pack of cigarette”.

Georgina Manfred was the owner of a grocery store, which was beside the candy store. It was open 24/7. As the police walked to the grocery story to get evidence on who stabbed Andy. She told the police that she saw him walk to the candy store, and then as he noticed it was locked he crossed the street.

Hence the reason, the figure stabbed his body 10 times using the blade of the knife, which leads a hole.

However, the police and society said he was a royal according to the sweater he wore. Society was in fear to help the young man.

Royals and guardian were the two main gangs in that alley. They never got along with each other. Statistics show that
deaths were common in that time

A 35-year-old man name Mark Afret said he saw the 16-year-old boy on the street twirling around. He was drunk at that time and did not know the boy was in pain. He only remembered that the boy said, “help me.” Mark just thought how fell on the floor and just walked off at that situation. “Now I feel so terrible for not saving his life, when I had the chance,” said Mark when he was interviewed with the police.

Two young couples also saw the young boy. But they were despondent and formidable to help him, when they noticed he was a royal. They did not want to interfere with the royals and guardians. The guy heard that the 16 year old boy said “Please help me.” The girl heard him say “Please, Just… Please,” in a mumbling voice.

Police officer David Johnson said, “This is just another senseless case about the Royals and the guardian.”


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