Apple Children

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   Five miles away from happy town, lived a women. She lived alone and would never talk to anyone. There was many different stories of that women, which told why she lived alone. She never talks to anyone even when some one talks to her she would ignore them and walk away. Her house was five miles away from happy town and it was on top of a hill. Every morning she would look outside to see happy town.

Emily and Jessica are twins. There parents put them in an adoption center when they were young. They didn’t like the adoption center so they ran away when they were only three years old. They live near a forest and there very friendly to animals. They love animals and always helps them when there in danger.

Jason is the oldest child, Jasmine and Charlie are twins and they are the second oldest children Karla is the second youngest child and Teresa is the youngest. These children are sisters and brothers and there parents died when they were young, which made them orphans. They would always walk and walk until they see fruits or any food they can eat. Most of the time they ate fruits only. They would sleep in any small shelter they ca find most of the time when it rains they get wet because they hide in a tree. There journey is only walking and seeing new things. 

  Karma is an African girl, who loves to sing opera. Her parent died of an earthquake. She has no siblings but she is grown up to take care of her self. Karma’s dreams are to be a princess and sing opera. For many years she would walk  and sometimes even hide in other peoples cars to get around.

  Emma and Twang are step siblings. Emma’s mother and Twang’s dad married each other. In there family Emma’s mother and Twang’s father never got along but Emma and Twang got along very well. They both always got scared of the way there parents were behaving. So, one day they ran away from home.

  While Teresa was climbing the tree to get some apples she stopped her best friends Jessica she quickly climbed down the tree and started to run to Jessica. They haven’t seen each other ever since they were the age of 5. Jason, Jasmine, Karla and Charlie was running after her and calling out “Teresa where are you going, stop running”. But Teresa never looked back she kept running because she was so happy to see Jessica. Teresa started to yell out “JESSICA JESSICA”.  

  she called her. Then Jessica ran to Teresa and they both hugged each other. Jason caught up to Teresa and said where do you think you are going, don’t you know that you shouldn’t be running around alone. Teresa said “Well this is my best friend I haven’t seen her since she ran away from the adoption center”. “Oh, is this the girl you were talking about, well hello Jessica and this must be your twin sister Emily”, said Jason. “what are you guys doing here, said Teresa. Oh we both ran away cause we didn’t like the adoption center because we heard that we would be separated .  “Can they come with us, Jason please I never seen them for a long time “ said Teresa. Jason sighed “Ok”.

  But one day, the lady couldn’t afford all of them to finish university, she was very disappointed.  That was when Teresa had an idea why don’t we make sell some fruits and vegetables to Happy Ville. We can grow some here and go back to the other places where we use to get some fruits. They all thought that was an excellent idea. So as days went they got enough money to finish university and they became very rich.

One day Karla asked the lady who she was and why is she living alone up on this hill and the lady said well I love to help orphans and I’m a queen of Saint kingdom. Long ago I was the queen and I told my villagers that if you see any orphans bring them to me and the villagers were greedy and selfish and they brought there own children to me. So, for there foolishness I left the kingdom and came up on this hill to see if I can find any orphans and help them out. “Then why couldn’t you just use your own money from the kingdom to help us” said Jasmine. Well I didn’t want to go to that village again for what they did and I knew you children would of done something o help yourselves and that is what you did.


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