Helping Yourself: A Short Reductionist View.

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If you find that you spend a lot of time alone and feel lonely and also sometimes suffer unrequired amounts of fear or worry for no particular reason, this may have links into other aspects of your life.

Sleeping and dreaming can tell you an awful amount about your life and lifestyle, without you even being aware that there is an arising issue. If you find that you are having many dreams in one night, that are vivid, and you also struggle to sometimes tell the difference between dreams and reality, you are not getting enough lower stages of sleep such as; stage 3 and stage 4 where the brain repairs damages created throughout the day. 

The trouble is that todays society is causing these issues that you suffer from, spending larger amounts of time alone instead of socialising and spending awake time around other people. This causes you to become detatched from your body in terms of a mind and body connection, because whilst your mind is within your body you are safe but at night, when you sleep and dream, your mind is attempting to source these emotions that you should experience, within interpersonal realtionships, from elsewhere; thus creating a larger scales of Rapid Eye Movement sleep.

You can see the link, you get less rest-sleep so then you feel less rested and then feel more irritable or less likely to want to socialise and then spend more time alone with your own mind to then create bad ideas about yourself or situations to then create more unhappiness which then attracts bad things to you and then increases loneliness and alone time increasing dreams and decreasing rest and wellbeing. It’s all linked together in one circle that goes round and round and round until people become an emotional wreck, it can get so bad for some people that they eventually break down; with the possibilities of suicide. 

A good technique to attempt to fix the connection between mind and body, alothough it may seem strange to some people, is a type of meditation which allows your mind to become relaxed and ‘notice’ and become connected with your body again. I shall write a ‘How to guide’ on the exact technique I like to use to do this as it allows you to become more rested and relaxed, I have noticed, which increases over all wellbeing.

If you find yourself ‘stuck in a rut’ the whole of your life needs work and attention as all of our actions are interlinked with each other and many things that we do in awake time then stay in our heads, even if we do not notice them, and then stay there to ‘swim’ around at night within our dreams and to break us down continuing that vicious cycle. When you find that everything is wrong and nothing is going your way; it is not because you are a bad person you are just not giving the attention to yourself that you require as a human being.

I hope this article offers something to you that you may recognise or be able to pick up on and idenitfy with yourself, other people can only offer you the tools you require to build your own life path. Other people cannot build that path for you when they have their own to stand-up on and create.


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