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YouTube. Who does not know about YouTube or hasn’t heard of it? Rarely a few, I believe. YouTube is a website that has come to be one of the most popular entertainment sites that offers Internet users a gargantuan range of videos and clips about literally anything in the world! Not only are there movies and serial clips and several videos on how to learn something etc, but many people also upload a lot of their personal videos on it by way of ‘sharing videos’. So is that all there is to YouTube? Or can you make money on YouTube as well? That is what we will be finding out today in the following article – How do people make money on YouTube?

Videos and Ads

The best way to make money on YouTube – Videos! If you’ve just been uploading random videos on YouTube without any thought to what you’re uploading or what you’re sharing, then it’s time you start giving it a serious thought. But how does that help? How should you go about it and to what end? The following are some pointers of how you can ensure that you make money on YouTube via videos:

Sign Up

You’ll need to be a member of the website to be able to upload videos, So if that hasn’t be done yet, make sure you do it.

Plan Your Content

Here are some pointers on what kind of videos and content you should include:

    * If you’re putting up talk shows or monologues, try and include a lot of humor and comedy in them because those genres work the most.

    * Another very popular category also includes video blogging on YouTube. This means that instead of writing your blog, you relate it out in front of a camera for people to see. People love video blogs that are quirky, funny and witty. So if you have a talent for doing that, it’ll be a great success.

    * ‘How to’ videos are also another very popular category on the website and generate a lot of views as well.

    * Make sure that when you create your video profile, you try and touch upon various topics and varied subjects so that your profile has a lot of variety.

    * Use a decent quality camera to shoot the video and make sure that you work on your content very very seriously.


It is necessary to carry forth some marketing of your videos, without which they will not generate as many hits. This should be done through blogging and by writing on other websites about the video. Do not forget to carry forth other marketing tips and embed the link of the videos wherever you get a chance. Every article on your blog should have a mention of the video along with the link. This will ensure that maximum people watch the video. There are certain special sites that allow you to write about particular products. Join these and write about your video so that you create more awareness about the video and thereby ensure more hits through video marketing.

Partnership Program

After you’ve been able to create a profile that contains a wide range of videos, you need to apply for a ‘Partnership’ under the category of programs on the YouTube site. Which, as the name suggests, will allow you to become partners with the company (and that is how you can make money) The company will then review your profile and check for the kind of videos you have uploaded, how often you submit them, and the views and hits you’ve generated. If they find your profile impressive, they’ll make you partners. After which (if you’ve noticed) they’ll do Internet advertisements and place related ads around your video so that when people click on these ads they generate revenue from it. And it is this revenue that they’ll split with you in the form of profits, thus helping you to make money on YouTube ads. But like I said, to get there you need to ensure that the video quality and content is extremely good.

Other Prospects

There have been instances of people who have posted certain videos on YouTube and have been able to generate a fan following that is extremely huge. As a result of which they have been given an opportunity to run their own talk shows on the website. YouTube pays them for it. There have also been other opportunities for them, whereby they have become so popular on the net that there have been offers on television and other similar media.

YouTube is a huge phenomenon today and not just for entertainment but for making money online as well. And now that you know exactly how to make money on YouTube, I say it isn’t a bad idea to try out at all! So get to it and the next time I’ll see you, you’ll probably be a celebrity! 


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