This is What it Means, Friends

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there are 2 best friends travel around the desert. one day, they fight, by impatiently, one of the friend slapped on the other one. the friend that being slapped was very angry, but he did not fight back, he just squat down and wrote on the sand, TODAY MY BEST FRIEND SLAPPED ON ME. after he finish writing, they continue their journey.

not long after, they came to a swamp. the one that being slapped just now, accidentantly fall into the swamp, and almost drown in the swamp. luckily, his best friend safe him. he then take out a knife and wrote on the stone, TODAY MY BEST FRIEND HAD SAFE MY LIFE.

his best friend saw this, and felt curious, and ask him, why after i slapped on you, you wrote it on the sand, and after i safe you, you wrote it on the stone?

the other one said, when some one hurt you, you must wrote it at the place that is easily been forgotten, i wrote it on the sand, because the wind will blow it away. but when some one help you, we must keep in memory forever, that’s why i wrote it on the stone.

normally, when someone hurt us, we sure will keep it in our heart and never forgive the people that hurt us, am i right? this is for sure, because we are still human being. we have our own temper, and we have our own personality. so if like the above story, try to think that, if the people that being slapped are you, what will you do? will you just squat down and write it on the sand and then just like nothing happen?

honestly, for me, i think i cannot make it. if my friend slapped on me, i will never forgive he or she. personally speaking that, i am a self-protection person, so i will try my best not to let people to hurt me, even someone that is not close to me, i also will not let them to hurt me. if someone make me sad, and do something to make me angry, frankly speaking, of course i will not revenge, but instead of revenge, i will not take this person into my life anymore. even before that we are a very best friend or how, if make me angry, i will never forgive and forget.

so, if you meet with this situation, or someone going to hurt you, how will you feel and what will you do?


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