Excessive Barking – Seven Secrets For Encouraging Barking Problems In Your Dog

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Here are seven really simple ways you can encourage excessive barking in your dog.  If you follow these tips, your dog will become known far and wide for his loud barking, and you may even make some new friends at your local police department.

1. Give Him Attention Only If He Barks

This starts when he’s a puppy.  Any time he starts yapping at you, shower him with attention, even if it’s just telling him to shut up.  He’ll learn very quickly that nuisance barking gets you to interact with him.

Besides, if you keep him tied out in the yard, the loud barking will help remind you to feed him.

2. Be Inconsistent

Yell at him to stop barking if you have a headache, but ignore his barking problems otherwise.  Avoid using the same command twice.  He’ll learn the meaning of lots of different words, like “quiet down,” “stop it,” “quit that racket” and “shut up.”  The last command is best used when you yell it as loud as you can.

3. Yell At Him To Stop Barking

You dog will come to love this one.  When you yell at him, he’ll think you’re barking right along with him.  Plus his nuisance barking reminds you that he’s alive, so you can remember to give him some attention once in a while. 

4. A Good Watchdog Barks At Everything, Right?

You want him to let you know any time an intruder approaches your house.  This includes the mail carrier, the meter reader, kids walking by on the sidewalk, and birds out in the yard.  You can’t be too careful these days.

5. Leave Him Alone Most Of The Time

It’s OK to leave your dog alone all day when you go to work.  Those neighbors who say that he barks the whole time you’re gone must be nuts.  He doesn’t do it when you’re there.

Be sure to make a big production of it whenever you leave or come home.  You want to be certain your dog misses you when you’re gone.

6. Don’t Worry About Exercising Him

You don’t need to walk your dog.  He doesn’t need toys or anything to occupy him.  He gets plenty of exercise pacing around the yard, digging holes, and wears himself out with problem barking at anything and everything.

7. Soothe Him When He’s Anxious

If he’s barking because he’s scared or anxious, reassure him in soft tones.  He’ll think you’re whimpering at him, which will teach him that there’s definitely something he should be worried about.

Nobody Really Sets Out To Encourage Excessive Barking…

But unfortunately, many dog owners do inadvertently encourage problem barking without realizing it.  If your dog has barking problems, take a look at your own actions to see if you’re causing it.

This is where the services of a good dog trainer are handy.  But that can be quite expensive.  Your alternative is a good dog training course that includes a consultation with a professional dog trainer. 

Don’t continue to unwittingly encourage excessive barking.  Learn why dogs bark, and take steps today to solve this dog behavior problem.


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