How to Save Fuel And Energy

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If you are looking for a location to move your business into, look for things like newer heating and cooling systems that run more efficiently, lots of natural lighting, solar power, and good insulation. If you are in an existing location, you can still take steps to lower your fuel and electric bills.

Begin with the same practices you might use at home. Invest in a water heater jacket and insulate pipes from temperature extremes. These two easy steps can add up to big savings over time. Make sure to replace furnace filters frequently, and if you have an older furnace, think about installing a newer, energy star rated furnace for monthly savings. An older water heater can also cost much more to run than a newer one. Replacing outdated appliances with newer ones will usually pay for itself many times over.

Make use of as much natural lighting as possible to reduce energy usage. Replace lights with compact fluorescent?bulbs that last much longer and use up to 75% less energy. Turn off lights when a room is not in use. The same goes for appliances; turning off unused appliances, unplugging electronic machines that are not used frequently and turning off computers at night can make a big difference. Even when in stand-by mode, many appliances use up energy.

If you can, use your computer to receive faxes so that every page of fax your business receives is not automatically printed. Most business get numerous faxes throughout the day that are “junk,” and you will save money when they don’t print.

Finally, get a utility audit or use software that analyzes utility usage. This information can be used to discover where most of your energy is being used, and may even suggest ways to make changes to save your business money. Many programs can show you what kind of effect your energy saving efforts are making and how to be even more efficient with your changes. Utility Tracking software programs may be purchased and some are offered as freeware online.

With a combined effort and implementation of energy saving practices, you will see a noticeable difference in your electricity and fuel usage.


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