Get Rid Of Brown Spots With A Good Fading Cream..

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You can call them anything you want: hyperpigmentation, brown spots, dark spots, sun spots or liver spots. Whatever it is you call them, you know that at some point or another, you would want to get rid of them.

Before we go into the different creams that you can use to effectively get rid of brown spots, let me say to you first that no matter what cream you use, the brown spots will keep coming back if you don’t change your lifestyle. If you want to lessen the appearance of brown spots then you must always protect yourself when out in the sun, all the time.

What I’m trying to say is that you should always use sunscreen. Use sunscreen protection with at least a 50 SPF if you have skin that’s very susceptible to these spots. Also, make sure you use sunscreen every single day whether the sun is out or not. This habit of applying sunscreen is realy going to make a big difference with the condition of your skin.

So which cream should you use to get rid of brown spots?

Well, there are quite a lot of fading creams available in the market now that it can be tricky to find one for you. The best thing that you can do is to always look at the ingredients stated in the cream that you buy and only buy creams with ingredients that are proven to work.

If you were to base your buying decision on FDA-approved ingredients, then hydroquinone is the one you’re looking for. As of this time, this is the only whitening ingredient that the FDA recognizes as a fading cream. You can now buy 2% hydroquinone cream over the counter but stronger-concentrated ones can also be obtained by going to your dermatologist and getting a prescription for it. The only problem with hydroquinone is that there’s still some debate going on as to whether or not it is safe for you. There have been studies showing that there are potential risks but it is important to note that these studies have used hydroquinone with a concentration that is not allowed in the US at all.

At any rate, hydroquinone is an excellent cream that is really worth using if you want to get rid of your brown spots.

Additionally, if you would rather have a cream that doesn’t have hydroquinone at all, then there are a lot of natural-based lightening creams that work just as well as the ones with hydroquinone concentration. Such a cream is the one I use and it has always worked very well for me. Look for fading cream with kojic acid, arbutin, or bearberry extract. These ingredients have been proven to work extremely well with fading scars and hyperpigmentation.

If you choose any one of these two ingredients in your lightening cream, then I’m pretty sure it is going to work rather well for you in the long run.

Now before you go and find a fading cream, remember that it takes some time for these creams to work. They’re not magic potions and so you have to give them enough time to do their work. I don’t have very dark spots, but it took me at least 3 months to have the smooth even-toned skin that I’ve always wanted. These creams do work but you have to be patient.

Also, using a whitening cream will get you very sensitive to the sun. This is why you should use sunscreen now more than ever. If you don’t, you could potentially get even darker spots. So protect yourself and put sunscreen as always. And in a few months, you will look at the mirror and be very happy with the results.


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