6 Tips For The Elderly to Stay in Shape

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Walking the dog

You can get a lot of walking down with your pets. They’re friendly and it’s a great way to enjoy the outdoor and get some exercises done too. They will keep you from quitting early and they will also get to exercise too. How about around your neighborhood, or the mountain trail or at the mall? You should make this a daily workout so you can get out and do things and your pets too.

Walking the baby

When you have grandchildren, you can also walk with the baby cart. You can get some sunlight and exercise and your grandchild will also get some fresh air and sunlight which is good for their health too. You can make this a round trip around your neighborhood to keep the baby safe. When you walk the baby out on the big street, there can be safety issues.


If you have a pool at home, it’s ideal to go out for a swim when it’s hot out. This is great exercise, with low impact on your knees joints and light on your body but it will help you burn calories and get you moving. Swimming is the best for people that have joints problems. It’s fun but it’s something that you can do for fun and to lose Wight as well.

Indoor treadmill

Indoor treadmill is a great way to stay in shape for seniors. It’s convenient and safe. You can work out as much as you need too. This is a great way to keep in shape and keep up with your workout. You can watch TV while you do it. It’s a double duty for you. Something with this type of accessibility will keep you motivated to work out more.

Light weight

When you get older, you will also find light weight exercise helpful, as it will help shape up and tighten up your body, which you will find is not like when you were younger. You can buy about a 5 lbs dumbbell and use it daily to work out your arms.

The gym

If you’re not so motivated, you can take classes at the local college or the local gym and get in touch with other people. The gym is a fun place to workout and meets people. You feel more motivated there for about $20 per month. It’s worth your money.


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