7 Tips to Maintain Blood Pressure For The Elderly

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Avoid salt caffeine

Salt can retain water and thus make your heart work harder and thus increase your blood pressure. Salt is bad for people with heart problems or blood pressure problems. You should avoid salt and use a little only. Caffeine can also increase heart rate, increase stimulations, and increase blood pressure so it’s not ideal for those with heart problems and high blood pressure problems. Caffeine has its benefits but it’s not for everyone and surely not for those with cardiovascular problems.

Work out

Working out is the best medicine. It will save your heart, blood pressure and everything else. It’s easy and not costly at all. It’s beater than spending hundred of thousands trying to fix your heart problems. An hour a day will keep the doctors away. You should invest in some sort of physical activity at all time to keep your health in the best condition whether it be walking your pets or playing golf, sports, tennis or just walking around your neighborhood.


Water is a great source for your health. Your body is consisted of mostly water so a deficient in it could cause health problems. It could also be a great diluter if you are having a bacterial infection. It will dilute your bacteria out. You need water for good skin, good cellular functions and everything else.


Relaxation like meditation could also reduce blood pressure quiet a bit. Relaxation calms down your sympathetic system or your nerves and it in turn calm down your cardiovascular system and thus can reduce your blood pressure. If you have a living factor that will most likely agitate you, then you should learn to avoid it like having a bad relationship, arguing with your family or stressful jobs.

Reduce stress

Reduce stress in everyway that you can. Stress always leads to higher blood pressure and we live in a stressful world. Everyone has stress so learn to avoid them.

Lower cholesterol

You should lower your cholesterol level because build up of cholesterol will also lead to higher blood pressure, try eating less red meat, saturated fats and more fruits and vegetables.

Take your medication

If you have blood pressure medication, you will need to take them. It will help lower your blood pressure and take them exactly as prescribed, and no different. Taking too much or too little will be poisonous and life threatening so does as you is told. This will help you lower your blood pressure significantly.


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