Egypt Tragedy: The Bad Fanaticism

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I wonder what in the mind by the audience during a soccer riot before, after or even during a match at the Stadium. Did they think the losses will be borne by the team they support?

What is happening in Egypt today is the latest example of how excessive fanaticism have very fatal consequences. At least 73 people were killed in clashes between supporters of the club’s top Premier League and the Egyptian Al-Masry Al-Ahly in the city of Port Said, Wednesday (1/2) evening local time. In addition to the thousands of others were reported injured when both sides of the knife-wielding fans stormed the field after the game between the two clubs.

Is it worth the many lives lost to be a price to be paid to keep our pride in a team? Is it true pride of the team could remain standing because of bad behavior support? Surely not even have the opposite effect! Ban, a fine, playing without an audience, or worst of all league matches are suspended, as happened in Egypt. Who are the losers when it all happened?

Fanaticism is owned by football fans really confusing, on the one hand it is the spirit that makes this sport to be so alive, but excessive side will make the blind. We live in the world who possesses a mind, which has a control on each behavior, so that when we go to a game we would not expect to be involved in potentially fatal clashes with other spectators. Yet somehow, some of us do otherwise.

For those who may feel to maintain football violence as an acceptable part of the tradition of this sport, might pause to reflect on one thing: 73. That’s the least amount of people that will not go home because of the tragedy yesterday Egypt.

The wives lost their husbands, mothers lost their sons, brothers and sisters will never meet again. This is the sort of thing that should only happen in a war or natural disaster, it should never happen to people who have paid money to two hours of the match. Try to think about it.

It is fair to the lovers of football are always eager to support their respective teams. In fact, because of love, time, effort and cost is not expensive for your favorite team. And what about life? Is it worth it?

Competition in soccer is a beautiful thing to follow, supposing is the spice that makes tasty. In a competition, losing to winning is a matter of course, satisfaction and disappointment after another occurs will lead us away from the boredom.

Fanaticism should not be used as a reason for the event verbal abuse, profanity, threats and even hostility. Do not you see how the habits of the players after the game? Do we not realize that they shook hands, sometimes even hugging each other. They also exchanged shirts with congratulations. What do Beckham to Andik Vermansyah some time ago is a wonderful example. It is time we all can learn as they mature.


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