Natural Disasters … It's How The Universe Creating Balance

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WHERE does  QI or CHI or ENERGY come from ? Energy is the power or force of nature that fills the universe. There are three kinds of Qi or Chi, the CHI Heaven (Tian Qi) is the sky or universe energy that radiates from heaven to earth, for example, energy from sunlight, energy of the moon in the form of an appeal of the moon affects the tides. While the Earth has a CHI EARTH (In Qi) which absorb the Chi of the universe and affect the earth and everything in it. And energy that exist in humans called HUMAN CHI (Ren Qi) which is always affected by these two kinds of Chi.

Since thousands of years ago the Chinese believed that Heaven Qi that control climate, weather and natural disasters. If the energy of heaven Qi uncontrolled or unbalanced, it will move to balance himself. But beware, the symptoms can be devastating life on it, such as too much rain will force the river to overflow or search for a new flow. but without rain the plant will die.

A time to flatten the distribution, the wind must be blowing, occasional drought in the land, excessive rain and even tornadoes (tornado), the overflow of the sea or a tsunami, all of it alone – Heaven Chi’s eyes in an attempt to find balance.

Heaven Chi is also an effect on Human Chi (Qi in humans), it is also studied in the science of astrology / astronomy. The Chinese believe that the Earth Chi energy patterns adan line up, including the Earth’s magnetic field and the geothermal field. This energy must be balanced, if not, then an earthquake will occur.

If the Earth Chi in a state of balance, the plants will thrive as well as animals – animals will breed. However, if the Earth Chi lost its balance, there will be illness, death or decay.

We should understand that everything natural, including human growth and influenced by the flow of Heaven and Earth Chi Chi. So if you understand Heaven and Earth Chi Chi, if it needs to harmonize with the natural energy and learn to protect themselves from negative influences.

We can learn to be a long and healthy life. The first rule is to live in harmony with nature and escape the influence of negative energy. Chinese culture has been studied in various ways at peace with nature for thousands of years ago. FENG SHUI is one aspect that has been widely known to harmonize man and his environment.


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