8 Tips on Choosing The Right Partner For You

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When it comes to relationship, its better that you know your type so that you will know who’s right and wrong for you. It appear that some of us are just happy with the wrong type anyways, like those who are afraid of being lonely and will date the alcoholic or women beater just to be in a relationship. I know these women too well. I have a couple of friends that are like this. They will stay with the wrong type, empty their bank account, getting cheated on, beat up and they are still with them and happy too. I guess it’s time to take control of your relationship and find the right man for yourself. You deserve the best relationship.

What are your goals?

First, you have to determine your dating goals. What are your goals? Do you want to get married or just to date? Do you want just to have fun or do you want commitment? Are you ok with him being unemployed, an alcoholic or do you hate these traits? If you have a list, then you will most likely date the right men. You should take out a journal and jot down the goals you have for dating and the type of men you will go for and type that you want to avoid.

What you like

Have you ask yourself what you like in a relationship or the type of men that you like? Like, you like a guy who’s in shape, has an education, a job, a house, and is not abusive. I think we all like this type and they’re not hard to find either. Once you figure out who you like, you will be ready to approach them but love comes in at the most unexpected time and shape so no shape will do either and be open to all possibilities. An outline just kind of gives you direction so you can avoid the bad guys. Bad guys are all out there and they hurt women.

What you despise

What do you despise in a man? What are those traits? If you don’t like an alcoholic, women beater, unemployed, then you must jot them down and remember them the next time you meet these guys.

What do you want?

You have to it’s down and write down your wants for your relationship. Do you want to date for fun after a divorce or do you want to get married within the next 5 years. You have to jot down what you want.

Date or marriage

Do you want to date and get to know different types of people out there or do you want to possible find the right one and settle down and have a family. It’s your call as to your goals in relationship. You should know exactly what you want.


What kind of personalities do you admire? Even a dog has his own distinct personalities. You have to have a list of personalities that you want in your partner. Do you like someone who’s outgoing, introvert, likes to dance, love to cook, travel, pets, work, and want children? Do you want someone who doesn’t want children, take care of you, work for you, or do everything for you? We all have our own taste in personalities. For example, I can’t stand young guys, because I’m so mature and I would be really annoyed by their obnoxious personalities.


What kind of habits do you want to avoid and habits that you can live with? Some women with OCD would hate a messy partner and some OCD men would not be able to tolerate a messy woman either, so you must learn of their mental habits and some of us do have them before you move in with them. For example, I like to organize and have everything organize, so if the guy is messy, throw everything on the bed, I would go nuts.

Getting along

How do you two get along? It’s a warning sign if you fight a lot from the beginning. Good relationship doesn’t start out as fights.


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