When She's Not Ready For a Relationship

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Have you ever like a woman and wonder why she’s not really devoted to you? Well, there is an explanation for that. She might not be ready for a relationship because of the things that are going on in her life. She might be busy with work, career, family, personal goals, problems that you’re no where in her agenda even though she would love to put things together with you. She just couldn’t do it alone. So if she’s just not too focused, maybe you can help her with a thing or two so she can focus on your relationship. I know that with a family, education, and career in mind, I hardly ever have time for a relationship.

A lot of young adults in their early twenties or early thirties are still working on a lot of things in life and they might not be able to devote all of their time to a relationship, so don’t go off and feel bad about you. People have goals too and a relationship is important but it seems to be at the top of Mallow’s hierarchy and they are working at the bottom few. I think this is true regarding relationship. Sometimes, people are just not ready for a relationship and they like to see or date people briefly or see them once in awhile while they work on their life. I don’t think it’s a good idea to give a relationship 100% while you’re failing in career, or education. You will become a major problem to yourself and to the relationship.

If your mate is not totally ready for a relationship, maybe you can step back, let them do their thing and see them once they have time for you. If you can also give a hand to the things in their life, they will then have time for you. I think you have to understand your partner in order to navigate the relationship with them. You really do have to talk about it. Your partner might be having a lot of mental pressure and not ready for you, so don’t blow them off either and hang in there if you like them and you will get something someday. The best way to handle this type of partner is to talk to them about their problems and see how you can match your life together. Even if it means, moving in together so you can have more time together.


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