6 Things Women Appreciate When You Live With Them

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Clean after yourself

Women are often the ones who will clean in the house so they will appreciate you helping out and cleaning after yourself, like after dinner, or party, or your bedroom, or your laundry. You have to clean after yourself if you don’t want her yelling at you after she’s tired from cleaning after you, and one thing will lead to another.

Bathroom etiquette

Women are very neat and so they like the bathroom neat. You must clean afar yourself again. You must leave the toilet seat down. It’s so annoying for me to find the toilet seat up most of the time. If the bathroom stinks after you use it, you must spray a bathroom spray and turn on the fan and double check to make sure that you flush.

Wash your own dishes

Women would appreciate you if you clean after yourself. After all, she didn’t marry you just to wash your dishes and its offensive if the person has to do the dishes for you. I feel very offended if I had to do the dishes for other people. It’s a sign that they’re lazy and just couldn’t give a crap about me. I prefer people to clean up after themselves.

No female friends over

The most offensive thing on Earth is to invite your hot female friends over for a party while your wife is there. It will make her feel inadequate about herself. First, it’s a sign than you’re interested in other people more than her and that you have to hang out with them. Female friends are the thing of the past if you’re married with children. If you must hang out with them, make sure it’s not at your own house and don’t tell your wife about it either, or else she will shave your head.

No loud football party

You might love football and the guys friends might too but your wife might not and she might not enjoy all the loud noise in the house during the weekend. If you do it often, it will drive her insane so plan to have your sports session at the local bar or at someone else’s house. Women will pretend to let you have it but they are really irritable about sports games with the boys and you ignoring her the entire time. I had it with this guy where he would spend his entire time watching sports and he wouldn’t even call me back so I dump him for it, even though he was cute. Yes, women get really annoyed by loud football parties.

Have your own room

This can help with privacy issues. A lot of people still value their own space and privacy even after a marriage, so do have your own room and store all of your things and work in there if you must. If it helps your relationship then you can do it.


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