What is Rose Gold?

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Rose gold is an alloy of gold, copper and silver. The copper gives the gold its reddish or pink color. Silver is used to mute the red; the more silver the lighter the red color. Rose gold has been generally cheaper than other forms of gold; the current popularity of rose gold is changing that fact. Some forms of gold with a deeper red color are called red gold.

In ancient times, a smelting technique used with gold turned the gold to red. Many ancient text describe the color of gold jewelry and money as red because of this. This is not the same as the rose gold of today. And, since rose gold is an alloy, there is no such thing as 100 percent rose gold. The percentages of gold used in rose gold vary from 75 percent at 18 karat gold, around 60 percent for 14 karat gold and about 40 percent for 10 karat gold.

Gold is associated with happiness, warmth and success. Rose gold has been used sparingly throughout the years with all kinds of jewelry. During the 1800s, rose gold jewelry and watches became popular with the Russian royal family and became known as Russian gold. The rose color completed the color choices of Russian royals and made them stand out from their piers. In the 1920s Cartier came out with their popular Trinity collection which uses three types of gold even today. One of these was rose gold, vaulting rose gold to the top of the gold fashion world. Watch makers caught on to rose gold interest and began making pocket watches and other gold time pieces from rose gold. Rose gold is also known as crown gold because this alloy is used to make the British sovereign even today.

As Russia fell out of favor, so did the use of rose gold. During the 1970s a slow recover occurred. Rose gold was brought out as a new product and no longer referred to as Russian gold. Watches in rose gold had hues that ran toward the yellow-red side of the rose gold spectrum.

In the 1990s, black and silver took over the watch spectrum in men’s watches and ladies’ watches followed along. Gold that was bought tended to be bright, and rose gold is muted. In the last years color has been the focus of the watch industry and rose gold is a hue that blends with many of the latest colors and fashions.

Today’s rose gold watches can be seen in various combinations. Some are rose gold through out, both the casing and the band. Some have the face of the watch in rose gold, while the band is composed of several kinds of gold. Some of the watch faces combine rose gold with another color and the band follows through on the pattern. For men, black is often combined with rose gold. For women, white, black and pearl is often used with rose gold. For both men and women, the deep rose hue of rose gold is an asset for any watch collection of today.


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