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Making own electronic-commerce or e-commerce system is not a brilliant idea because e-commerce system making is a very complicated tasks. Without any specialist it can not be possible.
If you want then you can buy a system which can you used at once. Also you can run it your own server.

There are so many system selling in the market and most of them can doing your order management and progressing works, but if you are not  clear sense about web hosting you should not need to start works with e-commerce. In that cause the best idea is you need to find out some one good ISP.who can gives you the e-commerce solution.

E-commerce open with thousands of product and services, it has no limit maximum ISP simple and not costly which gives you run a virtual store.
When you starting a electronic-commerce business then you need to check some list :
(01) How it is control buyer?
(02) How it si control product catalog?
(03) How it is control order?
(04) How it is control inventory?
(05) How it is control back order?
(06) How it is works with shipment?
(07) How it is maintain account ?
(08) How does billing processing it?
(09) How it is control payment?
(10) How it is works with foreign money processing?

(11) How does it control credit card?
(12) How does it maintain or control about tax & vat related works.
(13) How does it security factor control?
(14) How does it control intrigue/ inscription?

Without that you must justify and check which works need more time that are automated. Automated billing, invoice control, accounting, & reporting making subjects search. Then if you are satisfied then sign in it.

Also remember there are variety of network server, we can tell server the heart of internet.If the server not suport you properly then your main aim is not fullfill. you and customer also your employee are unhappy for that

Tax issue: It is a complected factor because when you sell some thing from online store you need to get vat for this is okay no problem here, the problem may be the buyer are not your country then it is export.
So it  is essential to know before open a online store about tax & vat. which product and where it is vat or tax free or how much tax you need to know properly about that.


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