Valentine's Day Weddings

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Happy Valentine’s Day to all the brides and grooms out there. For those that are newly engaged and contemplating a wedding date then why not get wed on the most romantic day of them all – St Valentine’s! Perfect for the true romantics, having a Valentine’s themed wedding will reflect all the romance of your personal love story.

When deciding the location of your special day consider somewhere that has romance blossoming everywhere. From a mansion or castle steeped in history to an intimate country inn hotel. With real open fires and candle light to provide ambiance and set the mood for you as newlyweds and your coupled up guests.

With regards to the colour theme, it doesn’t have to be red. Varying shades from cerise pink, to deep burgundies and even purples can be just as effective. Alternatively choose a different colour as your main theme and have accents of red in the decor, flowers and bridal party attire.

Roses are the classic choice for your bouquet and other flowers, however any flowers speak romance. Other pink and red flowers include tulips, hydrangea, and freesia. Symbolic flowers you could incorporate could include globe amaranth, or Gomphrena, which represents “unfading love” and Forget Me Not, or Myosotis sylvatica, a symbol of “true love.”

For your centrepieces large candelabras burning brightly will help create a romantic and cosy atmosphere and use fabrics that are gauzy and soft, large vases filled with abundances of flowers also set the scene. A cheaper alternative is coloured balloons, they won’t break the budget yet look very effective. Place card settings can be simple hearts.

Music could take form in a String Quartet or have a DJ play a track-list of your own and your guests favourite love songs. You could consider taking some salsa or tango dance lessons to really heat up the dance floor and get other couples to ignite that spark between them.

Why not consider including some aphrodisiacs into the menu such as an oyster bar, asparagus, almonds, and chocolate covered strawberries and bananas. The world is your oyster!

When looking for your wedding dress you could incorporate the colours of your theme into your gown or maybe even opt for a pink or red wedding dress. From a sexy slinky satin wedding gown to a sweetheart fitted bodice with full on princess style skirted wedding dress, everyone has a different view of what romantic is to them so go with what your heart desires. A black tie event would work well for a Valentine’s inspired wedding, with all the men in black tuxes or a retro theme can look great too.


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