Signs That You Might Have a Stalker

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Do you need to be a celebrity in order to have a stalker? Countless of men and women who filed for restraining orders will tell you that you don’t have to be one in order to have a stalker. In fact, more than 3 million people in the US reported that they were stalked in 2006. With the rise of technology and social media, you can bet that this number is constantly growing.

As a woman, do you have reasons to be concerned? A lot of women confuse stalking with admiration. Some of them even become flattered with the attention. However, you have to know that things can turn from good to bad in a matter of seconds. One day, it can be a harmless stare from a distance. The following day, you could be raped by your stalker.

This is why it’s important that you’re familiar with the signs that you have a stalker. Here are some signs that you might have a stalker:

1. You bump into the same person in different places.

While it’s not yet a red flag if you bump into the same person regularly in the gym or something like that, bumping into him regularly in different places is a cause of concern. Let’s say that you see this guy looking at you in the morning while you’re getting your coffee from the coffee shop. If you see him again later on in the grocery or some other place, you need to be more vigilant.

2. You have this feeling that you’re being watched.

Stalkers love to do surveillance of their targets just so they can gather as many information as they can. If you have this feeling that you’re being watched, look around you. Look at the distance to see if there’s some guy taking pictures of you or looking at you using a pair of binoculars.

3. Receiving regular phone calls or text messages.

If you receive phone calls or text messages from people you don’t know, you might have a stalker. Be extremely conscious of people hanging up or not talking when you pick up the phone. There’s a good chance that they’re just monitoring if you’re home.

4. You’re a victim of crimes like burglary, vandalism and the likes.

Stalkers love to see their victims terrified. They may vandalize your car. They may break into your home. They just want to let you know that they have access to you and your belongings.

5. You’re being harassed online.

Are you receiving threatening messages online? You might have a stalker.

There are a lot of other signs that you might have a stalker but these are the best ones. If you notice these signs, it’s best that you become prepared.


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