Save money and recycle bubble wrap!

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Bubble wrap is plastic and as we all know, plastic needs to be recycled, but there are more things to do with bubble wrap than simply protecting posted items. You can recycle even popped bubble wrap (sometimes you just cant help yourself!)

Earrings: A surprisingly underused material, but it is very easy to work with.

Simply place a sheet of newspaper over the wrap and iron until all the bubbles have popped.

 Fold the sheet in half and continue ironing until the fibres have fused together, fold again and iron again until you are left with a fairly thick sheet.

Draw the shapes you want, and cut them out. Pierce a hole in the top with a needle or a compass.

Paint with acrylic paint or nail polish remover.

Put jump rings and ear wires into the hole.

Keep drinks cold: Wrap drinks in bubble wrap when they come out of the fridge, this will help to keep them cool, secure the wrap with an elastic band. This can even work for ice cream (as long as the journey is not really long) You won’t need to but expensive cooling blocks.

Save money on heating bills: During the winter months, tape large sheets of bubble wrap (large enough to cover the whole window) to the window. This will help keep the warm air in and the cold air out.

Line fridge drawers: Stop fruit from bruising by lining your fridge drawers with bubble wrap.

Camping: Put a roll of wide bubble wrap under your sleeping bag to help keep you more comfortable. Don’t worry about it popping, your weight will be evenly spread so you won’t pop it.


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