Working With Adobe Photshop in Web

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Now i am describe about adobe Photo shop tools which are use in web.Remember adobe Photo shop has some version but it is not any problem you can use any version but upgrade version is better.

When you works web graphic you have to focus some major factor and subjects these are

(a) Any file format can not support in web, so which file is more suitable for the web which you making that file choice is very much important. Try to always best file to choice

(b)The memory size of a image is a big  factor for the web developer because maintain the best quality of image to fit is very tough when a web developer optimize the image.
(c)It is very important to a web developer to use perfect color table for web.
(d)And for web you try to select perfect output of image.
those are very important things for making a web graphic

Now i shortly describe about those tools which are used in web graphic but before that you need to introducing save of dialogue box or save for web& device:
First you open adobe Photo shop & then open a image . Now you go to menu bar>open file>open save for web & save device option from drop down menu,now click save for web & device box.
Now you can see the tools which you used graphics this are below for web

(01) Original=There you view four  image setting but   when if you click original tab then you see one image and that is original.
(02) Optimized=There you see four image setting but if you click optimized tab then you see one optimized setting.
(03)2-UP=There you see four setting but if you click 2-up setting then you see two setting.
(04)4-UP= If you again click 4-up tab you see four setting.
(05)preview pop up menu: If you click this menu then changing the setting you see preview pop up list.
(06)Save=When you finished your optimized works then you click save & then the image which you chose is save.
(07)Cancel= This window works for cancel item.
(08)Done=When you final your works then you click done button.

(09)The option of optimization=This option using for different types of image setting.The option of the box also use file format changing.
(10)Color table pop up menu=This color table use for changing color setting . By clicking the arrow then pop up list is view.
(11)Image size pallet=When you click this tab all image  related information viewed in this pallet.
(12)Color table pallet= When you clicked this tab these color table pallet viewed all color information

(13)Tools of color table pallet=These tools are use for color changing of image.

(14)Image ready open bottom=This button use for go to Photo shop to image ready option.
(15)Preview in default browser= by clicking this button you can see preview of image in web browser.
(16)Zoom text box=This box use for see to image size big or small.
(17)information of image=this menu show you information of image like file format, file size,&how much time to need open it in Internet.
(18)Optimize image= This tool use for what file format you want for the image.
(19)Toolbar=when you works with image you need some tools like hand tool,slices tool/ zoom tool, eye dropper tool, eye dropper color, toggle slices visibility.

(20) Save for web& device &dialogue box preview show=For see image preview you need to dialog box clicking like original, optimized, 2-up,4-up between any of tab click , if you click 2-up or 4-up tab you see four /two image preview. If you want to see four /two image preview. If you want to see variety formatting you click optimized. Without that you can change setting by optimized setting.
If you want to see image ready preview then you click edit in image ready button, and note it when you see the image preview you must save the image in photo shop. If you not save it then when you return Photo shop to image ready you do not open the image again , but one save box come & give you to option to save the image.

(21) Image navigate=When you change the value of zoom box menu, you can use from keyword alt+/alt- . If image is so big that not fit in monitor then you can use hand tool to see the image by dragging by the hand there by you can see the image part which you need to properly.

(22)Image information preview=If you select variety option of image preview then image preview’s under side brown color part show you original image preview and its size and setting and in optimized image’s show you original image setting preview. this time if you click preview arrow you can see browser transfer speed for example if 56kb change 28k.b then how much time extra need it show.
I wish next time we are discussing about



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