Allergies And Their Causes.

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Allergies and their causes.

The cause of allergies and allergy is an abnormal reaction in the body caused by substances that are harmless. Arise when there is contact allergy to certain substances that normally, in normal people do not cause a reaction. Allergy-causing substances are called allergens. Allergen can be derived from various types and enter the body in various ways. It could be via the respiratory tract, derived from food, by injection or can arise as a result of contact with the skin such as cosmetics, metal jewelry or watches, etc.. Substances that most commonly cause allergies: Powder plant; certain types of grass; type of tree is smooth and thin-skinned; pollen spores; penicillin; seafood; eggs; beans, peanuts, soybeans and other legumes; milk; corn and flour corn insect stings; fur; cockroaches; dust and fleas. Is also not less often are food additives, flavorings, colorings and preservatives. Determine the cause of allergies can be done in the following ways:

* Avoiding substances suspected allergen, then try again after the symptoms disappear substance. For example, if the suspected allergen is the food, then you should stop eating these foods. Once the symptoms disappear, try to eat it again and see if the same reaction.

* Perform an allergy test and see the family history and the history of the frequency of the attacks occurred. If one of the parents suffer from allergies, then it is likely lowered the risk of the disease in children about 25% -30%. In the meantime, if both parents are patient, then the risk increases to 60% -70%. In addition to physical examination and investigations such as skin allergy tests, x-rays, laboratory tests, and further investigation if necessary. Tests on the skin is a very simple examination to diagnose allergies. By providing specific substances on the skin of a person, can be an allergen, a substance known to man. Substance is injected in small amounts. If there is swelling at the injection was given, then the substance is an allergen. Overcoming Allergies Some things you can do to prevent allergies.

* Keep the humidity of the room with a set of wind and air circulation.

* Maintain cleanliness of clothes and change bed linen at least once a week.

* Mebersihkan yard and make sure there are no piles of garbage and pools of water that will be the emergence of fungi.

* Consult with your doctor and do an allergy test to find out which allergens should be avoided. Symptoms that may occur due to allergies include: intense itching in the throat; itchy mouth, itchy eyes; itching of the skin or other body parts; headache; nasal congestion or runny nose; shortness of breath; wheezing; difficulty swallowing; sudden runny nose and sneezing -sneezing, etc.. Treatment depends on the type of allergies and severe symptoms. Goal of treatment is not cure but reduce the symptoms and avoid attacks more severe in the future. Mild symptoms usually do not require special treatment. Symptoms will disappear after a while. Giving Antihistamines can help relieve the symptoms. High-Desert Aller Bee-Gone is the most appropriate treatment is not allergic to the drugs but by avoiding the allergen. Theoretically, the allergy can not be eliminated, but can be reduced and the frequency of severe attacks. But every so often in everyday life, difficult to avoid allergens. For that, it takes the immune system to prevent allergies.


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