Acute Cough

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Cough is the body’s defense mechanisms in the respiratory tract and is a symptom of a disease or the body’s reaction to irritation in your throat due to mucus, food, dust, smoke and so on. Coughing can be divided into two types namely acute cough and chronic cough, both stratified by time.

acute cough is a cough that lasts less than 14 days, and in one episode. If the cough is more than 14 days, or occurs in three episodes during 3 months in a row, called a chronic cough or chronic cough repeatedly. Recurrent chronic cough that often strikes children are due to asthma, tuberculosis (TB), and pertussis (whooping cough / cough of 100 days).

Pertussis is a chronic cough caused by Bordetella pertussis bacteria. Pertussis can be prevented by immunization of DPT.


There are several causes of cough:

A. Generally caused by an infection in the upper respiratory tract which is a flu-like symptoms.

2. Upper respiratory infection (ARI).

3. allergy

4. Asthma or tuberculosis

5. Foreign objects into the airway

6. Choking from drinking milk

7. Breathing smoke from people around

8. Psychogenic cough. This cough is caused by a lot of emotional and psychological problems.

Some cough medicines can be bought without a prescription, including those containing:

* Guaifenesin (expectorant Cohistan, Probat, Bisolvon Extra, Actifed expectorant, etc.). The thing to remember is if you take drugs containing Guaifenesin is to drink plenty of water.

* Decongestants such as pseudoephedrine (Actifed, Actifed expectorant, Disudrin, Clarinase, Rhinos SR, Triaminic, etc.). Medicines containing pseudoephedrine can be used to stop a cold liquid (runny) and postnasal drip.

Should not be used if there is high blood pressure or for children under 6 years of age unless prescribed by your doctor.

example cough:





Each tablet contains 30 BROMMER:

Ambroxol Ambroxol HCI equivalent to 30 mg



Ambroxol has mukokinetik efficacy and sekretolitik. Streamlining spending a thick, sticky secretions in the channel staknaa respiration and reduce mucus and therefore relieve the mucus easier and respiration. Mucus secretion became normal during treatment with Ambroxol. Cough and sputum volume decreased markedly. Thus, the secretion of a thin layer on the mucosal surface of respiration will be able to perform normal protective function. Ambroxol has a good tolerability, thus allowing for long-term use.

Respiration tract diseases are accompanied by acute and chronic bronchial secretions are abnormal, especially in the exacerbation of chronic bronchitis, asthmatic bronchitis and bronchial asthma.




The recommended dose for children is 1.2 – 1.6 mg / kg body weight per day, unless specified otherwise by the doctor.

Adults: 1 tablet 3 times a day.

In the long-term therapy dose can be reduced to 2 times sehari.Tablet should be taken after meals with first air.Dosis appropriate to treat acute respiratory disorders and chronic pengobatanawal to 14 days. In the longer treatment, the dose can be halved.


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