Who Will be The Next England Football Team Manager?

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Inevitably, the resignation of Fabio Capello as the England national football team manager is obviously very frustrating for the FA. At least, they should immediately seek a replacement, given that Euro 2012 will begin four months away. Questions also arise about who the candidate is worthy of replacing Don Fabio.

Almost all elements of football in England want the Three Lions  handled by local coach. According to them a foreign coach does not guarantee achievement, for example Sven Goran Eriksson and Fabio Capello failed to make English to win any title. In addition, the limited time which is owned require St. George Cross to choose a coach who can communicate fluently with the players. From the discussion, at least there are some worthy candidates to fill the vacant seat of The Union Jacks coach, although not all local coaches. Here are the names that can be the England national football team coach nominations.

Harry Redknap is the best candidate for England manager who has the support of the British public, including club coaches and players. The coach who now handles Tottenham Hotspurs regarded as a figure who is able to read the game very well. In addition, Harry Redknapp could always lift the performance of the teams which he handle. However, the coach who dubbed Harry Houdini is untested in overcoming the pressure, because the teams which are trained are not having the champ tradition.

In addition to Redknapp, Alan Pardew is also a local coach who called to get in England national football team manager nominations. He was known as a skilled coach to increase the motivation and psychology of the players. This is not apart from his attitude of confidence which very is remarkable. Unfortunately, Alan Pardew is often not able to work with star players well. Whereas The Three Lions squad is filled by the best talents in English.

Stuart Perace has been appointed temporarily to replace Fabio Capello by FA. Eventhough only as a temporary coach,*he will probably be maintained, given the tight preparation time before the Union Jacks participate in EURO 2012. Certainly not without consideration, Stuart Pearce had been accompanying Don Fabio for many times in the senior national team, he would have to have the closeness to the players. Only, his capabilities in training is still in doubt. Moreover, the English fans have been waiting for the prestigious title for a long time.

From the names of local coaches above, the England coach candidates also come from foreign countries. FA has been linked with Jose Mourinho, the Special One is considered suitable to train St. George Cross. It is obviously reasonable, given the achievements of Portuguese man who is always able to give the title for the team which he trained. In addition, Jose Mourinho has come to know the characteristics of English football since he ever coached Chelsea. However, the FA have problems if they want to contract Mou, Real Madrid (a club that he is currently handle) is clearly not going to release this charismatic coach away easily. Besides the attitude of The Special One who always provoked controversy, it would be very inconvenient for FA in the future days.

In addition to Mou, Guus Hiddink is one of the foreign coaches nominated for the England national football team manager. He is a figure who full of experience in the international level. Though he’d never felt the cup title, his style of coaching can bring South Korea to penetrate the semi-finals of World Cup 2002. Unfortunately, Guus Hiddink still has a contract with the Turkish national team, so it would be difficult to recruit him.

Well, those are some of the names nominated for The Three Lions coach. However, the FA has given a statement that they will not rush to find a replacement for Fabio Capello. According to them, only the best coach that could be England manager, no matter he is a local or foreign coach. Well, do you have any other candidates?


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