What to Know About Your Asian Girlfriend's Family

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When you are dating an Asian girl and you are not Asian, perhaps, it’s helpful to know a few things about Asian family and they’re quiet different than American family. You just don’t want to be surprise. One night if you stayed at her house, you might find yourself standing in the front porch with a whole bunch of police questioning you because Asian people are not used to having boyfriend sleeping over with their daughter. It just doesn’t work like American family, where they just don’t really care. What are some of the differences with Asian family?


Asian families are definitely stricter than American family. You might not hear it in front of your face, but they will gossip about you and how you’re disrespectful or that you don’t have a good job or that you don’t have an education. They can be brutal so you have to keep that in mind. They might even tell their daughter to never see you again if they don’t like you. They might even kick her out of the house if she doesn’t listen. They can be this strict. My parents don’t even allow me to see a guy in my late twenties which is ridiculous and I date anyways but I have never been able to bring home a guy.

Family oriented

Asian people are very family oriented. Family is first for them and they focused on the family first before they think about anyone else. This means that their family comes first to them so your girlfriend or boyfriend might put their family first before they think about you.

No pda

This means that you can’t kiss, hug, or touch each other in front of family. You can do it in your private room but not in front of them. It’s viewed as rude and sleazy. People will talk about you afterward, so sit separately and don’t even hold hands either. You can reserve it for later and there is no need to do it in front of them.

No pre-marital sex

The Asian family still does not believe in pre-marital sex in this day and age but I know that most of the Asian kids do it anyways but they just hide it from their family. It’s still viewed as a taboo to be a girl and to sleep with a man before she’s married even though the Western culture sees no harm in it.

No disrespect

Asian family will not take any disrespect from you. If you swear at them, it’s over for you and don’t even think about apologizing because it might not work. They do not care for disrespect from anyone.


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