Is he Just Using You

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He’s cheating on you

If a man is cheating on you over and over again and he still wants you around, then he’s just using for something and you’re blind because you love him and he is just using you. There are tons of these types of relationships around. I wouldn’t be surprise if this is your situation. A lot of people who are lonely or desperate for love find themselves in this kind of situation and they will do anything for love. Love is not betrayal and betrayal is not love so you must get that clear.

He ask you to buy things

Well, if a man asks you to buy things for him all the time then he is using you for money. I think it’s alright for you to buy things without him asking you, but if he’s asking you to buy all the time then he’s broke and he needs you for money. He should be financially stable because he’s an adult and if he’s not an adult, then you should not be with him.

He doesn’t pay for the date

What kind of man doesn’t pay for a date with a lady? This is not a man and he’s a scum bag and you need to move on. He should always offer to pay for the date. If he doesn’t pay then he must at least have a good reason for it, like he’s not working or that he’s really broke but if he has money then he needs to offer to take you out and pay for the date.

He’s only into one thing

If he’s only into the bedroom fun, then he’s just using you for that. This type of relationship is everywhere. I used to date a guy that just wanted to use me and I figure out eventually and left him. However, guys out there will use you for whatever that they can so you should be careful. Most guys out there belong to this category. They like to use women for one thing only. You should watch out for this. If he’s cold after the fun, then he’s a user.

He ignores you the rest of the time

If he ignores you when you’re on your own, then he doesn’t think about you. He is obviously thinking about other things. You’re not on his mind. He is surely using you. If a man loves you, he should be thinking about you and calling you.


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