An Ode To My Love (A Poem)

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Ode To My Love (A Poem)

We never met in

My stay in the community

Of our origin

Neither have we met

In your city of your birth

But we met

It was my immediate younger sister

Who did the calling of me

On telephone

And I called you instantly

I have talked with two other

Eligible spinsters

With so much trepidation

And nothing came out of my

Efforts at the end of the day

But with you,

I prayed real hard

And fasted real hard

And God answered me

At my greatest point of need

I had told Him to make this one

Work faster than the two

Previous expeditions

That left me depressed

Despite my handsomeness

My questions bothered on

Will I ever get married?

What is it about me that spinsters

Don’t find re-assuring

And worthy for marriage?

I had it all going for me

Yet, I kept on suffering from

One disappointment to another

Until you came and made

Me realize I’m adorable

That late evening I called you

For the very first time in our lives

I heard your voice

And I knew you are my wife

The sound of your voice told me that

I then went in for the kill

You were full of lovely laughter

Being made to laugh by a man

You have never met

In your life

That was the entire courage bolster

A man lacking in much confidence

Where women are concerned

Needed to go in for the kill

And you are no ordinary kill

You have been used by God

Himself to lift me up

And take me to my New Zion

Where we will live as one

In the company of our lovely children

Thank you my angel

For being there for me

In your dreams

In your smiles

And in your loving.

It is not everyday that a man gets to meet his love, it only happens once in a man’s lifetime.


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