Why Strict Parenting is More Problematic For Your Child

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Why is strict parenting not ideal in this day and age? I saw a teenage boy who murder both of his parents and then invited all his face book friends to have a party at his house. I guess it’s a way of saying that he can do whatever that he wants and his parents are going to have to live with it. This is why it’s important to learn how to parent in a way that you don’t really push your children to the limit. I think good parenting is necessary but strangling your kids is not ideal. They will suffocate and die. I read it somewhere and it says that if you squeeze a hand of sand tightly, it will escape in every direction but if you hold it still with an open hand, it will stay. I guess this is also true with raising children. Somehow, parents who allow their children some socialization are not having parenting problems while the strict parents keep on getting rebellious issues.

Well, if you don’t allow them to play, they will find a way to play, and even if that means running away, moving out or doing stupid things like harming you. Children can become so angry that they can plan to do things to you. A lot of children are smart but some are so fesses up that they will do just about anything to gain their freedom. I know that I have wanted to move out since day one because my parents wouldn’t allow me to have friends or to go out or to have a boyfriend. I know that they’re protecting me at a certain point and I think that these things are only good in moderation now that I look back. I realized that I was lucky to be right on track with school and work and I didn’t get pregnant or run away with a woman beater.

 In a way I think that parents have a duty to be parents and to protect their children. Too much freedom at a young age is probably not ideal either. When you’re too young, you should focused on college and finding your career and buy yourself a home and not have to deal with dumb things like partying and getting high or getting pregnant. I somehow regret a little because I was kind of a devil when I was younger and I didn’t do everything that I should and now I’m kind of behind on plans but at least I’m still ahead of a lot of people. However, I believe that parents have to be responsible for their children but children should also learn to behave and not be too out of control. They have to take care of their own responsibilities like college or career.

I think parents have to find a balance between being parents and letting their children grow up. Children are people too and people like to play so they should also get to play and work at the same time. No one can stand being at home all the time and it will really irritate them if you track all of their friends down or track all of their location down. Of course, you want your children to be safe at all time but do let them know that your goal is to keep them safe and that you appreciate them if they leave a phone number of where they will stay at or their parties so that you can come and get them if they need help. I think communication with your children will also help them not get so mad at you once they know that you care about their happiness and safety.


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