Freeman Exhibitor Services Review For Las Vegas Convention

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If you’re going to be an exhibitor in Las Vegas, and you will be using Freeman exhibitor services, you will need to know a couple of things about them. There have been a lot of theft problems during the convention so I hope that exhibitors will know who they’re dealing with. There is theft all over conventions. You have to be careful with your expensive merchandise and I’ll give you a few tips on how not to lose your merchandise while you’re here. There have been exhibitors who lose thousands of dollars to Freeman and security and housekeeping theft. Theft is real in Las Vegas conventions. Any conventions that there is out there will have some sort of theft during the show. Of course, you can hire security to watch your booth but that security can end up stealing from you too.

Freeman is a really big exhibitor services company here in the convention industry. You can pre-order their services ahead of time or just in person. They offer large cargo moving and delivery services. They offer cleaning services, set up booth services and tear down services. They offer forklift moving of your products to your booth and to your truck at the end of the show. They offer a lot of exhibitor’s services at all convention and it’s necessary that you have their services. If you have been exhibiting in Las Vegas, you know their services by now.

They’re all over Las Vegas convention and also the only brands with the most contracts out there for exhibitor’s services. They’re overall a very useful company. You can’t get it all done without them but they can be costly too. There are problems sometimes with theft in their company. There are problems with them packaging your products in the wrong pile or intentionally do it to steal from you. They can hide your pallet so they can steal it later on. This happened before. The employees can steal from you. There is not much that you can do if you’re not there when they’re working on it. Security or housekeeping also steals from you.

 There is theft everywhere and your merchandise is expensive so you must learn of ways to hide your expensive merchandise so you don’t lose it. Obviously, if you’re exhibiting at a jewelry show, you’re not going to leave the merchandise with them to exhibit. Jewelry are small, so tuck them away in your briefcase and then bring them back the next day or at least tuck away your most expensive pieces in your luggage. There have been hundred thousands dollars of theft at the jewelry show so be careful.

When you use their services, I suggest that you hold them accountable for lose inventory and don’t let them put up your most expensive pieces like laptops. You can put this in your luggage. You can take them to your hotel room after you’re done for the day. I saw people stealing all the time on the floor when exhibitors left their merchandise in plain sight. I hope that you will learn of ways to not lose your expensive merchandise.


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