Legenda Aryo Menak

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Aryo Menak told at the time of life, still very fertile island of Madura. The forest is very dense. Yellowing rice fields.

Aryo Menak is a young man who loved to wander into the woods. On a full moon, when he was resting under a tree near a lake, he saw a very bright fluorescent light on the edge of the lake. Slowly he approached the light source was. What a surprise, when he saw seven angels were in the shower and frolic there.

He was fascinated by their beauty. Arising out of a desire to have them. And he crept, then immediately taken with a scarf of the maidens.

Shortly thereafter, the fairies were out of the shower and rushed to take their clothes. And they flew to the palace in heaven except the youngest. The angel can not fly without a shawl. And he broke down and cry.

Aryo Menak then approached him. He pretended not to know what happened. Asking what happened to the angel. Then he said: “It may have been the will of the gods that dwell on earth angel for a while. Do not be sad. I’ll promise to accompany and comfort you.”

It’s angel seems to believe the talk Arya Menak. And he did not resist when Arya Menak offered him to stay at home Arya Menak. Furthermore Arya Menak proposed. Angel rose to receive it.

It is said, that the angel was still to have supernatural powers. He can cook a pot of rice is only a grain of rice. Arya Menak Condition is not watching.

One day, Arya Menak became curious. Rice in the barn has never diminished even though an angel to cook every day. When his wife’s absence, he settles into the kitchen where his wife and opened the pot to cook rice. It made the magic vanished wife.

Angel is surprised to find out what happened. From then on, he had to cook the rice from the barn Menak Arya. Rose rice over time dwindle. One day, the basic barn in sight. Was surprised when he saw the angel who lost her scarf sticking out. When he saw the scarf, the desire arose to go to heaven. One night, he wore all the clothes back sorganya. His body became light, he is able to fly to the palace.

Arya Menak be very sad. Because of his curiosity, angel left her. Since then he and his offspring have abstained to eat rice


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