Calm Before The Storm

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Just when we thought it was safe to pull

our troops out of Iraq things seem to be once more heating up. Was all the quiet just the calm before the storm?

On Thursday a suicide bomber dressed in a military uniform with a vest packed with explosives entered a military base in western Anbar Province in Iraq.

Dressed as military personal he walked into a base cafeteria and blew himself and at least 16 other troops into obilivian. At least 50 others were injured. All whom were killed and wounded were military personal.

Anbar was once over run with Al-Qauda and insurgents but since the presence of military had become one of the quietest provences since 2006.

Todays bomb blast is one of many high profile blasts that have been  on the rise in the past few weeks. Elections seems to be one of the main reasons, but I find it hard to believe this is the only reason.

With the pull out of American troops from Iraq and the plans for all or most to leave this country, and now all of a sudden more violence breaks out and more of our boys are dieing. Of course this is only speculation and has no true merits but this is my observation of the actions that are taking place once more in the recent quietness of Iraq.

Will the violence in the Middle East ever stop? Will our boys ever be able to leave the sand and return to their loved ones? These are the questions being asked and with the renewel of violence in this region I do belive this is still just a dream.


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