Earning From Photograpy Online

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There are two types of earning source in photography

(1)selling of picture

(2)sharing of picture.

If you want you can also make website for selling picture.& sharing picure. without that you can write photograpy related blogs and write there about photograpy and photograpy  tacnices and photograpy tools and other types of photgrapy feature. uplord some of your favorite picture which is different and unique. i also told you that you can may be earn from thi blog too though i tell you that for your advertisement.You also attend facebook. twitter etc for social networking and yiou must creat  a facebook page about your photograpy and fan page. Those are give you such abig return after some day later.

you must also join photo related web site like flixya, flickr,fotolia,dreamstime.123rf,bigstock photo,you cannot emargine how much response you return if really you are a good photograper.

But if you have any complication about your self then forget it and try and try if you like photograpy you must sign. and working as a freelancer is vry much easy bcause you need not to give there much time as a photograper you have enough picture in your stock you select and uplord those website which dealing with photgrapy. more over if you such rel knowldge about photograpy you can earn also your own website ads or blogs ads or selling picture or sharring picture. The main thing is you need seriously working and make it passion. success is waiting in ur door just when the bell ring open the door.

If you are not a photograper but you like this you can also staring this job when hobby makes profession then its result is done best. First buy a camera no need so much high price camara first you can take advice from other or you can sufring net then buy a perfect model camaraand after that if you want to join any institute or doing to any online crose you can do it. it makes you more perfect and your based is higher. other wise you can start without any thing just need a camara and click & click when you seen any moment which is good, bad , or ugly . take all types of picture but ofcourse maintaining the photograpy rule.


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