Selling Gold Jewelry Tips – Tips to Get The Most Money For Your Gold

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These are not tips to help you get the most money if you are looking to pawn your precious items. These tips will help you navigate some of the different options that you have when looking for the best place to sell your gold.

Tip Number 1

Think twice before selling your unwanted gold to pawn shops. Why, because this type of gold buyer is simply a middle-man that is making a profit off of your gold. The pawn shop will make the lowest offer possible for your gold so his profits will be maximized when the gold is resold to a refinery. I have absolutely nothing against pawn shops. Finding great buys in local pawn shops has been a hobby of mine for many years. If you want to find a great used home theater system, bicycle or lawnmower, go to a pawn shop and I am most certain that you will find a great buy for items like these. But if you are wanting to sell your gold and actually make a real profit, consider other options before selling your gold items to a pawn shop.

Tip Number 2

Hesitate before you run to your local jeweler to sell your unwanted gold. If you have a very nice piece of gold jewelry that is well made and has a lot of value as being a crafted piece of precious metal, then a jewelry store may be your best option. But if you have broken gold earrings or unwanted various gold items, local jewelry stores simply have no real interest in re-selling those types items. They may be willing to buy your scrap gold, but they are just not going to offer you very much money.

Tip Number 3

Think about finding an online gold buyer. If you have not heard of this type of gold buyer, let me fill you in on how they work. Typically you will navigate to their website where you will enter your information to receive a free mailing kit so you can send them your unwanted gold by mail. The different online gold buyers call it different things and describe it in different ways, but they basically offer the same service. Their overheads are low and many of them actually don’t advertise a whole lot. Since their advertising costs and other overheads are low, they typically offer a higher cash payout for your gold than pawn shops or jewelry stores. Yep, it’s as simple as that.


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