Spring a Surprise on This Valentine’s Day

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1) Plan a trip: Give your work life a break and make that effort to show your lover that you care. You could go on a vacation any time of the year, but doing it during the Valentine’s week surely makes it special. Decide on a destination, apply for leaves in advance, both from your workplace and his/hers, and tell him/her first thing in the morning that you’re taking off. That surprised smile will indeed make all the effort worth it.
2) Cook a meal: Cooking a full course meal all by yourself is a big high. And to cook for someone you love makes it even more special. Draw up a list of dishes you want to make. Keep the menu simple and light; the table must be set tastefully. Take your time relishing the food as you do a candlelight dinner at home.
3) Spa session: Go for a spa session together. Enjoy a luxurious massage in a special couple spa suite and indulge in refreshing drinks as you sit quietly taking in the rejuvenating aromas. Let silence speak volumes.
4) Treasure hunt: If you want to make things fun, do a treasure hunt. Put the gifts in strategic places and leave puzzle notes for your lover to find them. You can simply stand and watch them go on the trail and wait for that smile to appear face as he/she unwraps a gift each time.
5) Write poems: Okay you’re not Shakespeare, but just do the deed. Pick up a pen and jot down your feelings about your lover. Let him/her be your muse. To get the max effect, write on a handmade paper and tear the edges to make it looks like a manuscript. Pin it to the mirror.
6) Be creative: Show your creative side by crafting your own gift. Knit a scarf, paint a vase, make a pen holder, or a paper cup wind chime… a personalised gift is sure to touch your partner’s heart.
7) Adventure junkie: Share a common love for adrenaline rush? Go skydiving together. Or deep sea diving, bungee jumping, surfing… there are options galore. Spend the day indulging in activities both of you enjoy. It will surely be a day well spent.
8) Book of love: Remember your school scrapbooks? Take that as an idea and paste all your pictures, notes, messages, letters that you wrote to each other in a scrapbook format. Cuddle up and browse through it together as you relive each of those lovely moments.
9) Lavish treat: Book a table at a five star restaurant and then head to a fancy hotel to spend the night. Treat your partner like royalty. Take his/her breath away for that one day, splurging on him/her. Trust us, this generousness will not go unrewarded.
10) Cosy up: Do a close dance, and wait till one thing leads to the other. A little intimacy always spices things up. But this time take your time; don’t hurry things up. A striptease is sure to make it hot!


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