5 Tips For Marketing a Chiropractor | Internet Marketing Consultant Miami Series

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One of the most frequently asked questions I get asked from chiropractors,as a Marketing consultant in Miami, is How to increase the number of patients for their practice. Here are 5 tips and strategies for increasing patients that can be used for any other type of local business. .

1. WRITE A BLOG POST: Good content equals better rankings. The more pages, the better. However you might say “I am not a marketing consultant agency and I don’t know what to write” don’t worry. Start with the most frequently asked questions you get for your business. In my chiropractor business example, you can write answers like how do I get rid of my back pain? Think of a common question and provide an answer. Again the more content you write, the better rankings on Google. More visibility and more options to get people to find you.

2. BE ACTIVE IN SOCIAL MEDIA: Get your brand exposed to everyone in social media. Facebook will help you increase popularity. Share your best tips to treat pain should be highlighted and there should be pictures of excercises. Create a contest where you encourage your followers to talk about how they deal with their back pain, their personal experience and how they improve because of your treatment. This can help you promote your business.

3. PLACE YOUR BUSINESS IN THE MAP: As a marketing consultant for Miami businesses, this is my best recommendation for local businesses. Use Google Places or Google Maps to increase your presence online. Make use of the free listing that Google offers to most local businesses. Claim it first and then optimize it. This will make it show up on Google’s front page. It is important to have everything filled out. Include videos, pictures and a description of the business, along with the proper keywords in the proper categories. Don’t forget to list your company in other local directories and always encourage customer reviews.

4. PAY PER CLICK PROGRAMS FROM GOOGLE: Advertise your business online and Google offers the best advertising program for local businesses. 97% of people who search online are looking for answers or for ways to solve a problem. 25% of all searches have local intent, meaning they are looking for a local service to solve their problem. Adwords is the fastest and easiest advertising platforms to get your business exposed.

5. GET FOUND ON MOBILE: Here is an example of how important is to be found on mobile. When you search the term “Marketing consultant in Miami” right from your mobile phone, my Internet marketing consultant business shows up. Optimize your site so mobile users find you and if they click on your link, you need to have a mobile friendly website so people can read it naturally on their smart phone. Advertise in mobile advertising platforms so your banner shows up when people search from their mobile phone. Smart phone users can be targeted by location – banner ads will show on their phones. The best mobile advertising platforms for mobile phones are Admob, Adwords or Adfonic.


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