Mercy Killing

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Mercy killing is a way to kill a person before his death. Different kind of people is having different kind of opinions about it. I am moderated in this sort, if a person is struggling a lot with disease and don’t have the ability to tolerate the pains of his disease as well as don’t have any helping hands to take care about him and help him, then there is no wrong in killing this person by Mercy killing, because he is already suffered a lot with his pain as well as he don’t have any person to care about him. If he still live with his disease, he will get more and more pain, killing this kind of person is really good for him.

On the other hand if some persons kill a person for some other reasons like property, money and some other things in this mercy killing way, surely this is not good and this kind of person is deserved for punishment. I agree we don’t have any permission to kill a person before his death as well as god will decide about his death. But it is very hard to tolerate the sufferings of our beloved persons, as we don’t have the ability to see our beloved person is suffering a lot with a cruel disease and they don’t have the ability to tolerate the pain. Better to kill them using this mercy killing method, it will help them to over come from the pain as well as the will get freedom from this world.

I am not a supported of mercy killing, but in some cases mercy killing is good, it is based on the situation. But in all the cases we must try our maximum to avoid this kind of unwanted things, as God knows about every thing very well and he only know the end of a person and we don’t have the rights to kill a person without his permission. If the person is very old and have a cruel disease which don’t have any curing method as well as doctors don’t have the ability to cure him. Better to kill this kind of persons in the Mercy killing way to reduce their pains. This kind of activity is good for both of us. 

We don’t have the ability to judge, either mercy killing is good or bad, because it depends up on the situation. In some situation it is the only way to find a solution. There is nothing wrong in doing Mercy killing activities if it gives benefits to both the patient as well as others.


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