Angry Student Killed His Teacher

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I am very much shocked while reading the news about the 15 year old 9th standard student who stabbed his Hindi teacher continuously until her death for being strict with him. It is really unfortunate. This incident happened in my city Chennai at St Mary’s Anglo Indian Higher Secondary School. The poor teacher don’t have any support at that time and lost her life after being stabbed repeatedly in the neck, face and abdomen by this cruel boy.

The teachers name is Uma Maheswari and she is taking Hindi and Science classes in this School. She is only 39 years old and lost her life in her young age due to this cruel student. On that day the boy walked in to the classroom at around 11.00 am, when there were very few students in the class, and is believed to have launched a murderous assault on the hapless teacher.

Due to his cruel activity the teacher fell on the floor with bleeding, the boy stabbed her multiple times before others came to rescue her. The boy tried to escape from that place, but Finally the boy was caught by some students and handed over to Police. The poor teacher lost her life on the way while going to the hospital. 

Other students in 9th standard reported that the teacher continuously scold him for his nasty activities, as a result he got lot of anger with her finally he killed her in this way. This kind of cruel students are deserved for punishment. Hope the teacher’s Soul will Rest in Peace. There is nothing wrong in the teacher’s activity as she is in need to guide her student in a good way, so she take a lot of care for him and tried her best to guide him in a good way. But unfortunately, she lost her life for her noble activities. It is really hard to correct this kind of cruel and merciless students. 

Student must realize the pain and vain in the teacher job and teachers are their guide. Always give importance to your teacher and follow their words. Don’t do this kind of merciless things to your teacher. God never forgive this kind of students.


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