Dating Tips For The Introverted Type

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Realize that it’s hurting your relationship

Unless your girlfriend is a hardcore introvert, she will not appreciate you not communicating to her most of the time and letting her do all the work in the relationship. I think this is how it is with most relationship. The introverted person assumes that they don’t have to do much and the relationship will still be ok.

Learn to open up

One thing that introverts needs to know is to open up about them. We all have to learn something new so make this your something new. Once in awhile, learn to open up to a woman or a friend for a practice. It would help other to understand you more and get to know you better.

It won’t hurt a thing

If you do end up opening yourself up to people, you won’t hurt anyone. You just have to realize that some women would love it if you open up yourself to them. A lot of men think that they would crust the Earth if they express themselves but that doesn’t usually happen. I think some men are just wired differently and they’re not very expressive.

Express your feelings

You should express your feelings and let the other partner know what you think about them. It will help her know how you feel about her because I know introvert like to think about themselves only and like to keep things to themselves. They’re somehow just a one way street. You should express little things here and there and let them know that you like them.

It could hurt your relationship

You should know that being introverted could hurt yo8ur relationship. Introversion could cause your partner to be frustrated. They could lose their patience over you. A lot of introvert goes on in their relationship thinking that it’s alright and the other person will do all the work but they are wrong. I’ve been with introvert men and I know that I was frustrated from day one and that I don’t enjoy dating them that way and I would like some work from them.

Relationship requires work

Even if you’re an introvert, you have to realize that relationship requires work and that you can’t let the other person do all the work. I used to know a lot introvert and they assume that their mate will do all the work and they will sit back and it will work just fine. Well, it never works and it never turns into anything.


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