Addiction to Food Help

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Food is easy to be addicted to because it tastes so good. Food is often a good friend to people so it’s very easy to gain weight and be addicted to food. Over eating can lead to weight gain and health problems so addiction to food needs to be curbing. I think that lifestyle can cause people to become addicted to things. If you are stuck on one space daily, you will soon be addicted to something. If you’re out and about and everywhere and you can’t seem to keep your mind off of fun then you have no time to think about food or any other type of addiction. I think the mind usually needs to have something to be fixed on. The mind is very active most of the time because we use it so much that it will need something to focus on at all time.

I think we then need to look at the brain and see why it’s addicting to things. We also need to take a look at current lifestyle and activity to see if there are other things to keep the mind busy instead of food. You can also replace food with beverage. Instead of being addicted to food, you can replace with a beverage and it’s not a weight gainer. It’s much healthier or you can chew on gum or something to keep your mind busy. Over active brain will want something to do all the time that is pleasurable. I have an over active brain and I always need something to keep it busy. I think I ca understand really well why people are fixed on food or other type of addiction. It also happen that some people who are addicted to food are also lonely, depressed and have problems in their current life like being unemployed or divorced.

I think you know it’s called emotional eating. I do this often too. I guess food is a friend to people. It taste good and it’s fun to eat so what a better way to fill up the void then food but also we tend to party with food so food then become a good and happy association for the brain. We tend to be happy when we’re eating and enjoying a party with friends. It’s hard not to run to the kitchen and grab a hold of something and keep it close. It’s just how we are. The first thing that girl do when she has a pet is to grab it and hold it close while she’s lonely or scare or having emotional problems. It’s just a way for them to survive. It’s nothing that bad but it can be harmful if we’re too overweight and it affects our health.

What can we do about it? I think you have to acknowledge first that you have a problem with food addiction then you have to find a way to battle it like professional help or changing your lifestyle to make you eat less. You can replace food with another type of activity like drinking coffee or chocolate or lemonade or chewing on gum to keep your mind occupied so it doesn’t bother you. Often you can get rid of it by going out of the house, to walk your dog or to hang out at a park. You can go to a bookstore or a coffee shop and be with people. So when you’re out you will not be bother with addiction problems and keep up with this kind of lifestyle so that you’re not occupied with food.


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