How to avoid mold or frozen pipes in your home – monitor through the Internet

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Is Your Home Telling You That It’s OK?

This new service from Homewatch Networks helps you keep your home safe and healthy whether you’re on a trip or away for the season. Easy to use results available from any web browser or smart phone help you avoid problems like:

Is your thermostat still working? Someone changed the settings.

Is the AC still working? Someone left a window open.

Should you worry about mold? You raised the thermostat to save money on AC electric bills but you are now inviting mold growth in your home.

Is the heat still on? Avoid frozen pipes in your northern climate home!

Did you have a power failure? Did the power come back? Did the AC or heat also restart without problems?

Are you concerned about the ability of an elder relative’s ability to manage a thermostat? Now you can make sure they maintain a comfortable home.


1) With the NSD-2 from Homewatch Networks, simply locate an available and enabled Ethernet jack that links to always on Internet service. All broadband (Always on) Internet services are suitable: DSL, cable modem, satellite Internet broadband, fiber optics like FIOS and others. The Homewatch Networks smart sensor sends a small message (every few minutes) with climate data from your home to your personal web account. No other uses of the Internet in your home will be slowed in any noticeable way.

2) Through a web browser, log into a private Homewatch Networks account and view a graph of your home’s temperature, humidity, and dew point.


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