Nokia Lumia 800 Deals-Some Optimism For The Finnish Handset Creator

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After a series of unsuccessful relationships with several operating systems, this failed and also disappointed our expectations from the Finnish mobile phone maker repetitively.  

Operating system:

Microsoft’s Windows Phone operating system is quickly becoming a respectable contestant to the types of Android user interface or the Apple iOS, even though it’s adopted by a few manufacturers as of now. We adore the simple method by which users can link-together contacts with a whoosh of a finger-touch & the simplistic Live Tiles to aid you observe info in a moment, however there are a number of issues still bothering: have to adapt any video clip user desire to view is irritating. However several consumers will still adore the ease of Microsoft’s user interface – just flicking the finger left & right will leap among the useful Live Tiles & the listing of downloaded apps.

The Finnish mobile phone maker has included a number of its own tricks in this device as well: Nokia Drive is the primary free satellite navigation service to arrive packed on any Windows Phone gizmo, & whilst essential, does take users from point A to point B. Nokia Music is an additional small jewel, with devoted radio stations gifting the most recent songs packed up in the genres that users will rejoice. Certainly, this aspect of the handset is also the most talked-about.  


Lumia 800 fetches a coiled polycarbonate framework which is colored the entire way through, creating it lightweight in our hands & very complicated to harm.

The curved character of the framework also loans a clean designing aesthetic to the phone, marking this device out fine from the reams of sharp-looking behemoth phones in the marketplace at the moment.


The Clear Black OLED display is in addition top-notch, by means of the edge-to-edge display under the coiled Gorilla Glass protection seeming the part, particularly amazing when placed out into bewildering day light & users do not need to make any presumptions at what they are viewing on the display.

The screen’s not as imposing when we considers its web-browsing, as in spite of sporting in 800 x 480 pixels, text still appear a little uneven about the edges whenever it is zoomed.

Nokia Lumia 800 deals are sure to make you feel excited, as Android and iOS are the things of the past and Windows Phone operating system is the latest trend among tech buffs.

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Nokia Lumia 800 deals and cheap Nokia Phones are the ones making the world of tech-fanatics move around. This is why Nokia is again in the news, so say thanks to the Windows Phone operating system.


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