The most beautiful cities of Belgium

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Belgium is a small country in northwest Europe, offering many beautiful tourist attractions. Belgium holds an interesting history with many monuments, buildings and also several museums, which are well worth your visit.

In my opinion, Bruges is the most beautiful city in Belgium and is also called “The Venice of the North”. The song, “Bruges die scone” (which means Bruges, the beauty), by the singer “Willy Lustenhouwer” describes perfectly how Bruges is always beautiful, from early morning until evening and every moment in between.

Another reason to visit Belgium is for the fine cuisine and the famous Belgium chocolate.

Belgium is a country of different regions and language parts: the Flanders (the Dutch language area), the Walloon region (the French language area), the capital region of Brussels (the bilingual language area French/Dutch) and a Dutch speaking area which belongs to the Walloon region.

In my opinion are the most beautiful places to visit:


Bruges is the capital of the province West Flanders. This city is one of the historical highlights of Belgium. Most of the streets are very narrow and with a lot of cobblestones which gives a special historical character on this beautiful city. Bruges is also called “the Venice of the North” because of its many waterways.

The Belfry is probably the most important historical monument of Bruges. This tower which is built in the 13th century has a height of 88m and it is necessary to make a climb of 366 steps to reach the top. The Minnewater and its lovely park is my favorite place of this city. There are always many swans in this beautiful lake and many people can enjoy a nice walk. This place is considered as the most romantic place in Bruges.

Bruges is also a city of many churches and cathedrals and probably is the Church of Our Lady one of the most famous. This church is built in a medieval style and has a height of 122m which makes it to the largest one of the city. The presence of the Madonna by Michelangelo and the Gothic tombs of Burgundy is one of the reasons that many tourists come to visit this beautiful church.


Ghent is the capital of the province East Flanders and also called the flower city of Belgium. You can find a lot of flowers through the entire city. The Gentse Floralien is a popular botanical event that takes place every 5 years. The Gravensteen (which means the castle of the count) is the most popular historical monument of this city and has been constructed by Filips of Alsasse. The citadel park is in my opinion the most beautiful park in Ghent and has a botanical garden with a variety of flowers and plants. There is also a statue of king Boudewijn I. This park is also a place where many people exercise in group.


Antwerp is the called the diamond city of Belgium because the World Diamond Centre is located there. Almost 70% of the diamonds are coming through Antwerp in Belgium. The World Diamond center contains almost 1500 companies and thousands of diamond workers are there active to keep the international quality label “Cut of Antwerp”.

The town square is a beautiful place in Antwerp and surrounded by the Town hall, a building made in the Renaissance style. In the middle of the town square you can see the Brabo Fountain which has been created by sculptor Jef Lambaux. Silvius Brabo was a Roman soldier who killed the giant Antigoon who asked exorbitant tolls to the sailors. This giant punished the sailors who refused to pay the tolls by cutting their hands and throwing them in the River Scheldt.

Some other interesting places to visit in Antwerp are:

The Steen (which means stones).

The harbor of Antwerp located near the River Scheldt and where you can make a boat trip with the Flandria.

The Groenplaats with Our Lady’s Cathedral, a church built in Gothic style.

The Antwerp Zoo with many animals.

The museum of Fine arts and the Ruben’s house.


Hasselt is the most sociable city of Belgium and also called the city of the taste. The reason can be found in the sweets and drinks which are original for this city. Hasseltse speculaas, Hasseltse coffee, gin are typical in this place of Belgium and many statues are associated with these sweets and drinks like the Borrelmanneke and the Speculaasmanneke.

An interesting statue is this one of Hendrick and Katrien which is located near the town square. The two most important buildings are “the St Quentin’s cathedral (built in a Gothic style) and the Virga Jessica Basilica.


Brussels is the capital of Belgium and is the city with the most historical buildings of our country. The most popular statue in Brussels is “Manneke Pis” (“little men Piss in English). Almost every tourist who comes to Brussels wants to see this popular bronze statue which represents a little man of 58 cm who urinates in the fountain’s basin. You can call this statue as the symbol of Brussels. There is also a female one which is located near the Market square and called “Jeanneke Pis”. This statue is maybe not so popular but in my opinion more beautiful than the well known “Manneke Pis”.

The Market square is very impressive and can be considered as one of the most beautiful squares of the world where many events will happen. The flower carpet is a popular one which takes place every two year in August. Many Belgian begonia cultivators decorate this square with a beautiful flower carpet and every time with a new theme.

Some beautiful monuments are:

The Saint Michel and Saint Gudula cathedral, originally built in a Romanesque style but transformed in the thirteenth century to a Gothic style.

The Royal Park and Royal Palace.

The Palace of Nation or the Belgian Parliament.

The church of Our Lady of the Victories surrounded by a lovely park with 48 little statues which represent the medieval guilds of Brussels.

The Palace of Justice.

The Bourse of Brussels.

The Atomium with its 9 atoms and built for the Brussels World’s Fair of 1958 and located in the environment of the Heyzel.

Belgium has a lot more beautiful places like Leuven, Ostend and many others. Leuven is the university city of Belgium and the statue “Fonske” represents a student. When you want to visit this place you can best come in June when you can see many students lying in the park to study for their examinations (of course if the weather is hot). Ostend can be called the queen of the sea in Belgium and is the largest city of the Belgian coast. A special attraction in this city is the famous Floral Clock which is situated in the Leopold Park.

Belgium is a beautiful country for tourists who love historical buildings, statues, museums and lovely parks. Enjoy these beautiful cities!


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